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18, 2010
Setting up a new business or moving to a new location can be challenging for business owners to get new customers. Generally, a local retail business wants to be known in the neighborhood they occupy and hopes to gain a loyal following from their neighbors.  How can you introduce yourself to your neighborhood and give them reason to try your business? Door hangers are one of the most effective ways to get a simple business message out to local residents. You’ve seen them used as political tools during election campaigns. Canvassers or even the candidate will go door to door trying to convince voters to vote for them. In most cases, the resident is not home, so they leave a simple door hanger with their message. You can use this method, too, as a way to get your business introduced and offer special deals to your local customers. Door Hangers are Easy to Print The shape of door hangers made it a challenge for printers in the past.  However, newer technology makes it easy for printers to utilize digital imaging and automatic paper cutters to create a great-looking door hanger. Check with your printer for the specs they need. You will usually need to provide a simple image file in the dimensions required. Then the printer will do the rest. Door Hangers are Cost-Effective Printing door hangers is cheaper than ever. You can order a few hundred or even thousands of door hanger advertisements for just pennies per item. In addition, you can save a lot of money on postage with door hangers. Rather than sending a sales letter via mail and having most recipients throw it away without even looking at it, you can hand-deliver door hangers in person. Door Hangers Get Seen More Than Other Advertisements If you send a sales letter or put an advertisement in the local newspaper, there is a far chance that your local neighbors will read it.  However, having a door hanger advertisement on their door makes it certain that it will be seen. Every resident will have to pass by your door hanger the next time they enter their home or apartment. Door Hangers Make a Bold Statement In order to make your door hanger introduction more effective, use big, bold headlines. Make it clear what you want to say at a first glance. Remember, your neighbors will see your door hanger as they enter their dwelling, but give them a reason to read it. Give a Special Discount for Your Neighbors Use your door hanger as an introduction to your neighbors, but also give them a special deal. Remember, you want to create loyalty with your local customers. Offer an exclusive deal for your neighbors as an incentive to try your business. Door hangers are a great way to get your new business introduced to the neighborhood effectively and cheaply. Talk to your printer and start inviting your neighbors to your new business today.

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