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4, 2009
draft_lens2409732module13762382photo_1233581107istock_000004630022xsmall Your business depends upon the relationship you have with your customers.  And almost all businesses depend on return customers to be successful.  What better way to continue good relations with your customers than to send a greeting card on special occasions? Custom greeting card printing is becoming more and more popular with businesses.  The little things you do to stay in touch with your customers helps ensure that they will not only remember your business, but have a positive opinion of your company.  You can say “thank you,” convey well wishes, sympathy, holiday greetings, and even a happy birthday to your customers, and they will return the thought with return business. Greeting card printing is easy.  There are plenty of pre-designed cards to choose from, saving you from having to design a custom card.  Pre-designed greeting card printing allows you to simply choose a design, choose a greeting, and include your business name and logo somewhere on the card. Here are some helpful tips for your greeting card printing job:
  • Use Full Color – Full color greeting cards have the most impact.  Designs with a full spectrum of color can be dazzling, and customers can appreciate the thought.  Even two to four colors for more conservative businesses can give your greeting card printing that impact you desire.
  • Choose a Design Carefully – Choose a design that has a theme that harmonizes well with your business.  You might choose an impressionistic and colorful design if you are an art dealer or other creative type business.  If you’re a conservative financial services business, you can still convey festivities with silver mixed with your primary logo’s color.
  • Choose a “Green” Card – Another way to improve customer relations with your greeting card printing is to choose cards on recycled paper and use soy inks.  Show your commitment to the environment with “green” cards.  They are more expensive, but customers will appreciate your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Stick with Standard Sizes – Some businesses will go for the big impact and use larger greeting card sizes, such as 10 x 7.  However, you will save considerable cost on your greeting card printing and still get the impact you desire by choosing more standard sizes, such as 8.5 x 6 or 7 x 5.
Consider a greeting card printing with your next order.  Your continued contact with customers is always a nice gesture and will help your business continue to be successful.

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