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14, 2009
istock000005427781xsmall-main_full Catching the eye of the reader is one of the keys to the success of a postcard mailing.  If your postcard printing doesn’t produce an eye-catching image, then it is most likely on its way to the recycle bin.  If you want your promotional postcard printing effort to make a difference in your bottom line, then follow these helpful tips to get customers to take a second look. Use Stock Photos Postcard printing doesn’t allow much room for using images.  With the right photograph, you can get customers to look closer at your postcard.  However, commissioning a photo shoot, complete with a photographer, model, makeup artist, and art director is cost-prohibitive for many companies.  Thankfully, stock photographs can be a great addition to your postcard printing. Stock photography for your postcard printing job can be found easily through the internet.  There are databases of free stock photography in which you can browse and download high resolution images.  If you want to find something more specific, look through a pay-per-image stock photo database.  Either way, you are sure to find a professionally created image that can help your postcard printing effort look its best. Use Original Photos Of course, if your budget allows, you could also use custom and unique photographs for your postcard printing.  Hire a photographer who has a well-lit studio.  Models hired through an agency will add an extra sparkle as well.  If you want to focus on a product, make sure your photographer captures the image using creative lights and setting.  Photos that are brilliant and colorful are the right choice for a postcard printing and marketing effort. Use Custom Graphics and Illustrations You don’t have to always say it with photos.  A graphic designer can create stunning images with computer graphics, or even hand drawings scanned into digital form.  Graphic images have more freedom to be creative with colors, point of view, and can even add important details or highlights. Say It with Font To catch the eye of the postcard beholder, you don’t always need to use images.  Your successful postcard printing could utilize the creative use of fonts.  Use large fonts, round fonts, puffy fonts, or curvy fonts.  With little precious space, the use of fonts does need to be minimized and readable.  However, when you use catchy headings with stylized fonts, your audience will want to know more. Postcard printing efforts are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools a business can use for promotion and special deals.  If you want to make your postcard printing a success each time, spend some focus on the images you use.

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