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14, 2010
Brochure printing can be an excellent way for small business owners to highlight their products and services.  Brochures are inexpensive to print, can include a lot of information, and are easy to pass out, display, or even mail. How do you create brochures that are eye-catching and effective?  Here are some basic tips to get you started. Find a good printer If you are looking into commissioning brochure printing, one of the first things that you will need to do is to find a printer that you trust. Many small business owners prefer to work with a local printer.  Not only does this make it easier to see the quality of the work they do and get proofs of your work, but it also allows you to build up a working relationship with your business community, something that is lost when you work with an online printer. Turnaround time may also be faster with a local printer, as you will not need to wait as long to have your items shipped to you, and you may even be able to pick them up in person. Decide on a topic Because of their size, brochures can only hold a limited amount of information.  Before you even go to brochure printing, you will need to decide what the most important information that you want to convey to the reader is.  Keeping your brochure limited to one main idea will allow it to be direct and concise and easy for readers to follow. Get amazing images When someone picks up a brochure, the first thing that they will notice is the pictures.  Because of this, you need images that will attract the interest of readers.  If you are unsure how to create these yourself, consider hiring a professional photographer to get the shots that you need.  All images should be sharp, clear, and a high-resolution.  If you are going to go with color images, make sure that you have them set to the appropriate format used by your printer. Simplify your text Large blocks of text are boring to read and are unattractive for brochure printing. Whatever text you plan to include, you should make sure that you break down the content into easy-to-read formats.  Bold headlines, bulleted lists, and picture captions are all quick and easy ways for you to get information across quickly to a reader. Keep in mind that few people will actually sit down and read the entire brochure.  Instead they are going to glance over the headlines, look at the pictures, and maybe take in a caption or two.  By focusing on these main features, you can make sure that you get the most important information to your readers. Include a call to action and your contact information Remember that brochure printing is done with one ultimate goal in mind – to drive up business.  Subsequently, you want to make sure that your brochure includes a call for action to the readers.  Whether you want them to stop by, give you a call, or visit your website, this information needs to be stated. And don’t forget to include your contact information!  Even the best designed brochure will be useless if the reader does not know how to follow up with you.

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