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5, 2010
  Business cards are one of the few must-haves for small business owners.  Regardless of the type of business you have, you will need to do business card printing sooner rather than later.  Business cards are the lifeblood of any small business – they allow you to advertise, connect, and reconnect with your clients and potential clients. If you want to succeed in the business world, then you need a business card that is memorable and professional.  Here are some steps to get you started. Get a professional printer We have all seen those kits at the office supply store advertising the ability to do your own business card printing using your desktop printer.  While the price may be tempting, the lack of quality is not.  These card tend to be joined together as a single sheet with perforated edges for separating, giving you a homemade and “fuzzy” edge. Professional business card printing is not much more expensive and yields much better results.  If you can, look for a local printer to do your business card printing so that you can see samples for yourself before you place your order.  While online printing companies can be convenient, you are playing roulette with the final product that you will actually receive. Do some research If you have been in business for any length of time, chances are you have collected a handful of business cards from other businesses already.  Your doctor, your hairstylist, your fitness instructor, and even your dog walker have cards.  Take all of these and spread them out in front of you on your desk.  Which cards stand out the most to you?  What makes them different from the others?  See which elements make cards stand out and incorporate them into your own designs. Find a way to stand out When you are creating professional business cards, you need to find something that makes your card stand out from all the others out there.  When you are designing your card for business card printing, consider some of the following ideas:
  • Go for red – A little red for your name, business name, or logo can really draw the eye.
  • Add your picture – Are you in a business where you will have a lot of face time with your clients?  Consider adding your picture to your card to put a face to your name.
  • Change the layout – Instead of a typical horizontal layout, going vertical allows you to use the same space in a new way.
  • Use a new color scheme – Going for white writing on a dark background will make your card stand out.
  • Try a new material – Really want to stand out?  Ask your business card printer about different card stocks or materials that can be used for your printing project.
A few last things to remember Remember that whatever route you choose for your business card printing, it is important to select a card that defines you and your business.  Don’t be afraid to make a small investment and add those extra features, as you will likely make your money back as your business increases. Make sure that all of your clients get your new card, especially if there is new contact information on it, but don’t pass them out en masse to every random person on the street.  Part of the appeal is being unique, so make every one count!

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