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28, 2009
Communication concept Plenty of businesses rely on direct mail as a form of effective marketing. Although many may consider this strategy to be “junk mail,” it can actually be quite profitable: After all, when was the last time you threw away a buy-one-get-one voucher for your favorite local eatery? However, if you run a business that is more service-oriented than goods-oriented, coupons may not be an option.  Those who provide services like legal aid or home repair should shy away from “Free Consultation” or “Free Estimate” vouchers. Customers are inundated with them to the point that they have become pretty much irrelevant. These professionals need an excellently written letter to render their direct mail effective. Here are some tips on how to write a personalized letter to a person whom you have never met:
  • Speak Like a Human – This may sound silly: you are a human, aren’t you? Truth be told, many marketing letters sound more like they were written by a computer than a real live human being. Personalized and sincere language goes a long way when it comes to direct mail letters.
  • Consider Hiring a Writer – Consider hiring a writer for your direct mail letters, preferably someone who has experience writing for businesses like yours. People with experience in technical and copywriting have a full understanding of consumer psychology when it comes to penning letters that actually work. The point here is not simply to make your business better known – rather, the point is to successfully garner sales.
  • Include a Magnet or Small Calendar – Including merchandise like a magnet or small calendar with your company’s logo and information on it can work wonders. These desktop tools are items that potential customers actually use for a year or more. Think of it this way: when your direct mail reaches a customer, they may not be in a position to purchase your product. However, in a month or so when they need your product, they will be quite inclined to select your company, since they have been staring at your logo for the past few weeks!
Direct mail marketing works – as long as you know how to tap into the personalized psychology of your target clients.

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