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28, 2009
art-gallery-istock Posters can be a highly effective marketing element for your business.  Posters are usually displayed in prominent areas in public and private business locations.  If it is well-designed, posters can not only bring in new customers, but become a keepsake for your new and existing customers. If you are a business that uses posters, consider creating one outside the box of normal poster design.  Try to use these techniques to make your poster a keepsake for your customers or other collectors. Special Occasions Why not make a special occasion a keepsake?  The recent inauguration of President Obama spurned a wide variety of keepsakes for people of all ages, gender, and color to remember the occasion.  You can do the same for a special occasion for your business or any other important local or historic event.  Design a poster with the event in mind, marking the date, and be sure to prominently display your business information. Prominent Figures You can also make a keepsake promotional poster with a celebrity or other famous figure.  Be sure to obtain the rights to use the person’s image if they are alive.  If you want to use an existing photo be sure to get the rights to that as well.  Presidents, famous celebrities, or even local celebrities may make a great keepsake poster. Special Artist Commissions If you are a contact with an artist, or have leads through other contacts, try to license or commission a special painting, photo, or other design from them.  People love to collect artistic prints such as those found on stamps, posters, and other items they can display.  With a special commission, your poster can go from a simple promotion to a collector’s item. Great Design Of course, you don’t need a special occasion, celebrity, or artist to create a keepsake poster.  A poster with a great design can become a keepsake simply because of its artistic value.  What makes a special design a keepsake?  Color, shape, theme, design, fonts – all these go into making a poster work. Poster design is an art form.  With the help of a creative team, and possibly from other prominent celebrities or artists, your next poster can be a keepsake seen on the walls of many customers.

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