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21, 2009
Red and black hardback book In any company’s promotional printing arsenal, bookmarks are a great way to keep your business name in the minds of current and potential customers.  Bookmark printing is easy and inexpensive – yet quite useful for a customer. Bookmark printing jobs can be used for multiple promotional endeavors.  Drop one in the bag with every customer purchase.  Hand them out at conventions.  Include one in every sales letter mailing.  Promote holiday sales, or include as a gift with every customer purchase during the holiday seasons. Bookmark printing is a cost-effective way to get your business name to a large audience and improve branding.  The ROI is usually very positive when you consider the goodwill customers receive. Here are a few important things to consider when designing a bookmark printing order: Card Stock Make sure your bookmark printing order has sufficient and quality cardstock.  At least a 14pt premium cardstock should be used.  If you want your bookmark to be sturdy and have a professional look, choose a premium card stock. Glossy, Matte, or Laminate? Depending on your needs or how you want your bookmark to look, you can choose a glossy UV or smooth matte coating.  Another option is simply to laminate the bookmark, which requires additional steps and costs, but will last much longer. Black & White or Color? If you are using bookmark printing as a promotional device, you should consider full color.  Color adds brilliance and charm to a bookmark.  Use a well-designed graphic or photo. Bleeds Simple bookmark printing can be designed with a simple border. However, if you want to add an additional impact, consider bleed printing.  Bleeding means the color and images are printed to the edge of the bookmark.  This may be a little more expensive because more paper is used to get the bleed effect, but the cost can be worth it if you want to impress customers. Double Sided Why print on only one side?  Use both sides of a bookmark printing to elaborate on your business, make a call to action, inform of upcoming events, or include a coupon or a simple inspiring message. Tassels Add a tassel for a great bookmark characteristic.  Bookmark printing jobs can include a hole punch at the top for the ribbon or string of your choice.  While tassels cost more, if you want your bookmarks to stand out, it’s worth the cost.

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