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5, 2010
Your business card is one of the most printed advertising items you have.  While you should always have a supply of business cards in your desk and on your person to give out to potential customers, there are ways you can use business cards as more than just a contact tool. Business cards are generally printed on just one side. That little 3.5” by 2” piece of cardstock real estate is usually just enough to provide your name, title, business name, and contact information. But what about the other side? Should it just remain blank? There is a host of ideas that you can use for the back of your business card to help make it work as a promotional tool and help potential customers remember your company.
  • Coupons – Put a small coupon on the back of your business card. A coupon gives incentive for a potential customer to keep the card and use it when visiting your business. It could be a simply “20% off” coupon or even a free gift on their next visit.
  • Rate List – New customers who may be interested in your business are always curious how much you charge. A simple list of your rates for services could help them decide how to use your services better.
  • Hours of Service – Some business owners find it helpful to provide their hours of operation on the back of a business card. This gives a potential customer an exact range of times they can contact you, especially if your business hours fall during weekends or evenings.
  • Bio – After you meet a new prospective client and hand them a business card, what do they really know about you? Print a brief bio about yourself and your qualifications on the back of your business card to help give additional qualifications and credentials to your specialty.
  • Photo – You can use the back of your business card to place an attractive photo. It could be a photo or drawing of your business office, a photo of your premier product, or even one of two sample photos of your own photography business.
  • Client List – Sometimes a list of previous or existing clients gives that “wow” factor to your company. If you have a list of high-profile clients, don’t hesitate to print them on the back of your business card.
  • Tips – The back of your business card can also be used to provide a helpful tip to your prospective customer. Tell how they can save money, save time, or other benefit with a helpful tip.
  • Menu Special – If you run a restaurant, you could print your “house” specialty on the back of your business card. Whet the appetite of a prospective customer and give them reason to come try your cooking.
Business card printing on both front and back is easy to do for any printer. The extra printing can mean extra dollars for you, so consider using that back space for business  promotion.

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