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2, 2009
istock_000006697125medium-envelope-man A custom-printed envelope makes a first impression statement about your business.  It enhances your brand and projects a professional image about your company.  Your customers, or potential customers, will more likely take a look at what’s inside if your envelope printing looks professional and attractive. What makes a good envelope printing job?  Here are some tips:
  • Include Your Logo – Your image and brand should be clearly present on your envelope printing.  It helps if you have a simple logo that is easy to reproduce and does not take up too many colors.  One or two colors are best, but you should design a logo with no more than four colors.  Your logo, along with your address, should go in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.  Some businesses prefer to put their logo along the right side with their envelope printing.  Another popular trend is to create a watermark of your logo across the envelope.  Wherever you choose to place it, make sure your envelope printing job creates a clear image of your logo.
  • Use Full Color – Some businesses prefer to save money on their envelope printing by printing their logo and all other information in black and white.  A full color envelope printing, however, will look more professional and catch the eye of the receiver better than just black and white.
  • Choose a Neutral Envelope Color – Envelope printing gives you choices not only in design, but in the color of the envelope itself.  It is best to use neutral colors such as white, beige, or other off-white colors.  These colors help create a better contrast to the envelope printing colors used.
  • Windows – Envelope printing can be done on full paper envelopes or on envelopes with windows.  An address window also helps give your business a more professional look.  Some businesses choose a combination of both window and non-window envelopes for different uses.
Envelopes are used for sending much of your business documentation via mail: invoices, letters, contracts, sales letters, and more.  Clean and crisp envelope printing gives you an advantage, as the receivers will more likely open the envelope if they know it is from a reputable business.  Your percentage of sales increases as more of your sales letters are opened and read.

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