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20, 2010
Custom letterhead and envelopes can add great credibility and professionalism to your business.  Having professionally printed letterhead should be a priority for any sized business if they want to gain credibility.  However, did you know you can also use your letterhead and envelope printing to help market your business? Provide Business Hours If your business operates irregular business hours, you might use your letterhead to outline when customers can expect you to be open. Use a margin on the left or right to describe your weekly and weekend hours so customers can know exactly when they can visit or contact you. Display a Well-Designed Logo Your letterhead and envelopes are a prime medium to display your company branding. Part of your branding efforts should be a good logo. A logo could be how a company name is presented in text. FedEx is a good example of how the name doubles as the logo using font and color. Many businesses use an icon or other graphic as part of the logo. Keep in mind that the more colors you use in a logo raises the price of all your printed marketing materials. Try to keep your logo to two or three colors, and keep the design simple and uncluttered.  Prominently display your logo at the top or side of your letterhead, and top left corner of your envelopes. List Your Benefits Businesses can use letterhead to briefly list the benefits of a special product or service. Say that you manufacture a single product, or provide a particular service like tax advice. You can print a brief list of benefits for using your service or buying your product. Present a Tag Line A tag line is another way to state your business purpose or mission within your letterhead. A tag line is short – just a sentence, but no more than two. The tag line tells what your business purpose is or how you serve customers. For instance, a good tagline for a sod company might be, “We keep rollin’ a lawn.” Include a Customer Statement A customer testimonial can be a great way to market on your letterhead. Use a direct quote from a customer that states how they benefited from your product or service. Include it at the top of letterhead under your address, or perhaps at the bottom margin. Make an Announcement Is your company moving its location? Are you introducing a new product? Use your letterhead to make important announcements for your business. It could even be a special discount announcement. Letterhead is used so frequently by almost any business that it gets overlooked as a marketing tool. Be sure your letterhead is professionally designed, but also remember to include a marketing message within your letterhead to help market your business.

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