Custom Poster Printing


Well-designed posters grab your eye wherever you decide to display them. On the sides of buildings, in college common areas, on coffeeshop bulletin boards — they make ideal advertisements for events or sales or whatever your company wants to promote. You can vary the size, color, and fonts — the possibilities for posters are endless.

Custom and Large Posters

Avanti Printing can print the custom posters you want to promote your business. Choose from a wide selection of sizes to find the one that will stand out, then pick different shapes to set your poster apart from the standard rectangles you often see. Imagine using a circle or heart to drum up attention — that’s one sure way to build an audience for your business.

We can produce glossy posters as well as extra-large ones. Full-color posters are also a popular choice at our Irvine offices, where you can drop by to see examples we have done in the past. Look at them to get ideas for your design and inspiration for colors, fonts and themes.


Exceptional Poster Design Services

As for the design, we can take care of that. We have a team of professional graphic designers who can help you achieve the look you want for your poster. They can even design a custom logo for your company, which you can use across a slew of marketing materials. Or, if you have artwork you would like to upload for use in your posters, our designers can clean it up for you and come up with a layout based around it.

Our designers can supply you with keepsake posters to give to your employees to commemorate a company outing or milestone. You can foster goodwill among your workers by offering them a freebie.


Get Full-Color, Glossy Posters to Promote Your Growing Business

Why use posters for your business’s marketing? Portability, to start with. You can carry around lots of posters by yourself and hang them up. They also have a lower price tag than bigger materials you can use to advertise. If you make your posters generic — to talk up your business rather than promote an event — you can buy them in bulk and pull them out as needed over the coming years. Posters make a great decoration around the office, showing both employees and visitors what your company is all about.

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