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20, 2012
If you are a small business developing your brand and company and you are wondering where you should spend your printing budget, consider that there are a few printing services that no small business should be without: Business Cards Regardless of whether your business has a dozen employees or is a one-man (or woman) show, you must have business cards. Professionally printed business cards serve as your business’ calling card.  A nicely printed business card should have all pertinent information about your company, including your email address, phone number, social network tags, and business hours, if applicable. And, perhaps most importantly, your business cards should clearly identify your company as a professional one committed to excellence. Although some businesses order their business cards from mail order companies or they print their business cards themselves, if quality is a consideration (and it always should be!) then it pays to hire printers in Orange County who can ensure that your business cards are always of the highest quality and best reflect the quality of your company. Posters If you have a small business that is dependent upon passersby and visitors, then you must consider the advantages of color poster printing. Although generally quite inexpensive, posters are great marketing tools, highlighting any sort of relevant information you choose, including sales, promotions, and upcoming events. Let your store windows be your blank canvas and draw in your customers using quality posters from printers in Orange County. Brochures Brochures are a great way to pass information along to your customers about your business. Brochures make an excellent mailer; they are ideal at trade shows and other public events; and they are ideal for passing them along to your customers as they walk in or out the door of your business. Printers in Orange County can often provide you with quality brochures at great prices. Stationery When sending out correspondence to your customers or potential customers, quality stationery printed by a trusted printing services company is a smart move. Your company’s stationery should be crisp and clean and it should display your logo and business name. Let your customers immediately know who is sending them correspondence by securing the services of printers in Orange County.

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