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7, 2014

A business card is a quick and easy way for you to increase the exposure of your business. It is a very small advertisement that you can hand out to anyone you want to know more about your business. Obviously, you want to make sure you have an attractive and an effective business card. In addition to getting your business card printed by a professional San Diego printing company you are going to want to make sure you know how to make your business card effective.

Keep It Simple

You do not want a busy business card. You do not want a business card that has a lot of words, colors, or pictures on it. If you have a business card with too much on it, it will make it hard for people to understand what the point of your business card was. Your business card needs to have your name, your profession, your phone number, your email, and your website on it. If you are tight on space it is suggested that you leave your email off. Your email is information that they would be able to find on your website or by calling you. This means it is not really information that they have to have.

Use Simple Fonts

Simple really is the key to Printing to perfect business card. You do not want to use fancy or hard to read fonts. You also do not want to use more than one or two different font faces. Multiple font faces can also make it hard to read your business card. The point of a business card is to provide information, so the last thing you want is for your business card to be hard to read. Using very simple and standard fonts is always the best approach.

If you decide you want the San Diego Printing company to include some kind of picture or design on your business card you need to limit it to one small design and make sure it does not take the focus away from the information on the card. You do not want people to focus on the pretty design on your card and forget all about looking at who you are and what you do.

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