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9, 2010
As a small business owner, you know how important it is to make sure that your products stand out from the competition.  The difficulty that you have is that your competition can be fierce – not only do you have to worry about competing against fellow small business owners, but often the “big box” stores will also be trying to woo your clients away. If you want to get information into the hands of your clients in an inexpensive and fun format, booklet printing is one smart option. What makes booklets special? With so many printing options available for marketing, you might wonder what makes booklet printing a better choice over another format.  Booklet printing can offer you several advantages, including:
  • A semi-permanent item that your clients can retain. Since booklets are bound, they last longer than sales flyers or pamphlets.
  • An item that can convey a lot of information to the reader. Booklets allow you to inform a customer about your products or services in great detail, more so than you can do with a brochure, flyer, or poster.
  • A way to make ordering easier. Don’t have quite enough products for a full-fledged catalog?  Want to provide shoppers with special coupons or offers?  Booklet printing allows you to do all this and more.
Tips for making your booklets more effective Like all printed products, booklets need to include certain elements to make them effective with the reader.  Keep in mind that since booklets are designed to convey more information, it is possible for them to become “dry” and boring to the reader.  To prevent this from happening, consider some of the following tips:
  • Text – Large blocks of text can be difficult to read.  Break the text up by highlighting important information through the use of bolding, underlining, and headlines.  If you have a lot of information to convey, consider dividing it into chapters and creating a Table of Contents so that readers can quickly find what they need.
  • Pictures/Graphics – Images can help to break up large areas of text, highlight ideas, give a better explanation of a product, and make your booklet printing more appealing to your readers. Any time that you will be using images in printing, you will need to make sure that you use sharp, focused, high-resolution images.  Consult with your printer the type of color format that images need to be submitted in and whether there are any special considerations needed for your printing project, such as bleed areas or cropping.
  • Color – Four-color printing is always more attractive to the reader.  However, if you plan on using color for more than just your images, make sure that you are using a palette that is attractive.  Too many colors or colors that are not coordinated to each other can cause your booklet to appear unprofessionally made.
Make your booklet useful to the reader Booklets that are useful to the reader are more likely to be kept than those that are not.  During your booklet printing, look for features that will make your booklet more useful, such as coupons, checklists, spaces for taking notes, how-to information, and similar items.

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