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28, 2009
istock_000001695300xsmall Are you a local service business or retail store?  One of the most effective types of business promotion is the door hanger.  These simply advertisements are distributed door-to-door in the hopes of attracting neighborhood customers to your store or office. Door hanger printing is easy and relatively inexpensive as a promotional expense.  Typically, you might find door hangers used when a new business opens and wants to give an introductory price for items or services to local residents.  A new restaurant could use door hanger printing as a way to offer special deals on meals. Whatever your promotional idea, door hanger printing requires an attractive design and professional printing to let potential customers know that you mean business.  Here are some tips to consider: Border or Bleed? Door hanger printing can be designed with simple text and images that exist within a border or simple white space around the edge of the hanger.  Bleed printing creates color images that appear all the way to the edge.  Depending on your budget and promotional needs, choose the best one that will work for you.  Bleed printing will be more expensive, but will give your door hanger a more zestful and professional appearance.  Border printing can work just fine as well and will save money on the final cost. Big Headlines For your door hanger printing to get noticed, use big headlines.  An attractive headline in bold font will get the reader the most important information quickly.  This is where you can say, “Free Dinner” or “Now Open.”  Get your reader’s attention quick and entice them to read on. Keep it Simple Remember, you want potential customers to read on past the headline.  Don’t fill a door hanger with too much copy.  Write simple copy with bullet points that provides a solution to problem or need, and gives a call to action.  Offer a coupon so they hold onto the door hanger. Use the Flip Side Don’t neglect the other side of a door hanger printing job.  The back of a door hanger can be used to include other important details, such as a map to your business location, diagrams, coupons, or a bold and highlighted call to action.  Don’t forget a teaser line on the front to encourage the holder to read the other side. Door hanger printing is a great way to promote your business.  Get the design right and trust a professional printer to produce a stock of usable door hangers that will bring customers to you.

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