Custom Sticker Printing and Design Service


Everyone’s a sucker for stickers. They offer a fun, lighthearted way to promote your business, whether they’re for a doctor’s office or celebrating a company anniversary. Stickers are cheaper than many other marketing materials, and you can hand them out to people at conferences, networking events, expos, and more.


Glossy and Full-Color Stickers

Avanti Printing produces a variety of customized stickers for businesses. Our high-gloss stickers look fantastic whether you’re close to them or far away. We can make them in any shape you want, using whatever colors or fonts you like. You can stick to a traditional circle or try something different, like an animal shape or a hexagon.

While most of the stickers we sell at our Irvine location are for branding purposes, some are more practical. You can have price stickers made that allow you to change the cost on one of your products. You may also want custom shipping stickers where you print customers’ addresses or stickers that can correct an error on a catalog or brochure.


Use Your Own Art or Our Design Services

We have in-house professional graphic designers who can work on your custom sticker design with you. They can suggest ideas for making your sticker more visually appealing. They can even create a new logo for your company, which you may carry over onto other promotional materials to help further brand your company.

You may also design your stickers using artwork you upload yourself. Have fun adding texts and bold images.


Promotional Stickers

Stickers should be enjoyable, so use your creativity when coming up with ideas. We can make just about any type of sticker you can imagine. That means you can free your mind to come up with something wild. Get stickers shaped like your products or gold stars to signify what a great job your business is doing. The crazier the idea, the more likely people will remember you.

Use Avanti Printing to produce your next sticker project. Get in touch with us for a quote.