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24, 2009
img_07772 Presentation folders are a great way to send multiple forms of communication.  They can hold papers, brochures, slim products, CDs, and a variety of additional promotional material.  You might presentation folders useful for the following:
  • Sales Packets
  • Promotional Information
  • Free Samples
  • New Product Presentation
  • Press Kits
But what exactly is a presentation folder, and how can custom presentation folder printing aid your business? Certainly, any business has the option of purchasing generic presentation folders to use for any of the promotional ideas above.  However, a generic folder does not project your business image or professionalism.  Presentation folder printing allows you to design a folder with your business name, logo, and other stylistic additions so your business can not only present information, but also present a professional image. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you make your presentation folder printing order:
  • Size – Typical standard presentation folder printing size is 9″ x 12″.  However, the size depends mainly on what you expect to include inside your folder.  Will you use legal size paper?  You might want to lengthen the folder to a 14.5″ size.  You may also want to custom design a smaller size if you just include smaller note-size papers and brochures.
  • Paper – The type of paper depends on what you can afford and how professional you want to project your business image.  You can use a single-sided coated paper, but a double-sided coated paper is much stronger and more durable.
  • Pockets – You will want to consider the number of pockets as well.  Will you want a single pocket or a pocket on each side of your presentation folder printing order?  If you are including multiple items in a promotional presentation folder, you may consider two or more pockets.
  • Accessory Slits – Accessory slits can be included with your presentation folder printing job.  Slits can be useful for including business cards, envelopes, CDs, or DVDs.  If you want to include additional media or papers, make sure your printer has the ability to include these accessory slits.
Custom presentation folder printing is a great way to keep your business image professional when you mail promotional materials, hand out information at meetings, or simply give to customers at trade shows.  Make sure you consider the uses for your presentation folder, and what will be included so you can design your custom presentation folder printing order accurately.
avanti printing
18, 2009
istock_000000785342xsmall-menu Whether you operate a 5-star restaurant or a corner café, you need a good menu.  A well-designed menu can help your business increase each ticket value.  Why provide your customers with a dull, every-day sheet of printed copy paper when you can add to your sales and show your restaurant’s personality with creative menu printing ideas? Although there is no right or wrong about menu design, your customers may choose not to return if your menu is confusing.  Make sure your customers navigate your menu easily and all your special deals are highlighted. 1. Laminated coating Do you reuse menus frequently?  Consider a menu printing order with a laminated coating to give it long life.  Laminated coatings are easy to clean and protect your menu from spillage.  If your menu doesn’t change often, a laminated coating option is a great idea to prevent having to re-print menus every day. 2. Cardstock Make sure your menu printing orders are on a good cardstock.  Try using colors that match your food service color theme.  Avoid using colors, however, that do not provide enough contrast to read.  Your menu printing should be on a quality cardstock paper that is easy to hold and doesn’t wear out quickly. 3. Table Tent Give your customers merchandising and ordering ideas.  Consider a tri-fold table tent for your next menu printing job.  Table tents are great for highlighting specials, encouraging appetizer orders, desserts, drinks, or even a special event you are planning at your location. 4. Don’t forget the kids Parents love restaurants that think about the happiness and enjoyment of their children.  If you provide a special menu for kids, consider printing it on a separate menu.  You can get creative and do a menu printing with a coloring page included as part of the menu, or include a separate coloring page on the back.  You could even include games and puzzles that keep kids occupied while their food is prepared.  Remember, you want to encourage return customers, and parents love to return to kid-friendly restaurants. 5. Take-home menu If your place of business serves take-out orders, why not make a batch of take-home menus with your next menu printing order?  Take-home menus allow customers to easily browse a menu and call in an order anytime.  Take-home menu printing can be done easily on colored paper, regular size, half-size, folded, and in full color. Menus are important to the success of your business.  Be sure you make it easy for customers to read yours and include these ideas with your next menu printing order.
avanti printing
16, 2009

recession saleDuring an economic recession, you will inevitably need to lower pricing to maintain old customer relationships and ensure consistent new acquisitions.

However, it is very important to not let your clients know that your discounts are a result of the recession. First of all, the recession is depressing, and the customer will instantly associate your brand with unpleasant feelings about the economy. Secondly, it is best if customers view you as being impervious to the economic downfall. If customers view your brand as being recession-proof, they may begin to subconsciously associate your product and brand with durability and survivability.

Let’s review some tips on marketing a new discount without sounding desperate.

  • Make Them Think It Was Planned All Along – If you are promoting a sudden sale or dramatic discount, choose language in your marketing materials that gives the customer the impression that it was in your plan all along. Phrases like “It’s finally here” and “Annual” can give the image that the new sale is completely standard procedure.
  • Positive Budget Talk – It is acceptable to use words like “budget” and “efficient.” Encouraging customers to buy your product because it is being offered at a great deal is fine – but just avoid telling them to capitalize on the good deal because the economy is faltering and they have no other choice. The point is to encourage exercising fiscal responsibility and purchasing your product to save money. Just don’t feel the need to follow those claims up with negative discussions of the current economic climate.
  • Avoid Threats – Believe it or not, many businesses resort to language that comes off as threatening. Don’t use phrases like “Capitalize on this great deal or you’ll be sorry tomorrow!” Especially in these trying times, customers don’t like to feel excessively pressured. You want to ensure that customers will purchase your product because they genuinely want to, not because they have to. If they purchase because of the latter, you are essentially guaranteed a return on your product.

In an economic recession, it is important to work to maintain existing relationships with solid customers. Even in your efforts to obtain new acquisitions, don’t forget to encourage positive, continuous relationships with your tried and true old customers.