avanti printing
1, 2011
Label printing is a fast and efficient way for any business to both promote the business, as well as to organize different aspects of the business, such as product inventory and client correspondence. Label printing can also help organize marketing materials. Following are some helpful hints for improving marketing through pre-printed labels. Uses for Printed Labels
  • Budget-Friendly Address Labels – Instead of spending money on pre-printed envelopes for client and business correspondence, purchase labels to place on inexpensive, blank envelopes. Printing labels is not only easy and cost-efficient, but also allows you to customize the label using font and color.
  • Market Through Envelope Labels – A label is, in essence, a blank sticker that allows you to print what you like. Sending marketing materials like brochures or a product catalog means mailing in large envelopes. What better way to catch the attention of the recipient than by printing on a colored label? Print an incentive for the recipient to immediately view the contents.
  • Using Product Labels – If you sell products, you might use printed labels to convey important messages, such as a product warning, to consumers. You can also use product labels on the product package itself, such as a seal assuring buyers that the package hasn’t been opened.
Hints for Printing Eye-Catching, Professional Labels
  • Attract Customers With Color Labels – Your customers are busy and might pass by a traditional black and white labeled envelope. Using a full-color label will help convey your marketing message and catch the attention of your busy customers.
  • Choosing a Label Size – If you need a large label to show-off your special deal or highlight an incentive, don’t be afraid to stray from the standard label size. As long as the proportion works, a larger label will help your package stand out.
  • Choosing a Label Shape – Labels are no longer confined to the traditional rectangle. You can choose multiple types of shapes, from circles to triangles to stars! Be creative and choose a shape that enhances your marketing strategy.
Using label printing in your business is a great and inexpensive way to add a little pizzazz to your marketing campaigns and client correspondence, especially if you get creative and choose colorful labels in various shapes and sizes.