avanti printing
1, 2011
Giclee Canvas Prints- Orange County If you are interested in the best printing method for your fine art and photography needs, then you must consider the advantages of Giclee Printing Giclee printing, in short, is digital inkjet printing on rolled or stretched canvas but also can be printed on Photo Paper or Fine Art Paper. Using high-quality pigment inks on archival-grade medias, you can now make your fine art and photography worthy of a museum – or your living room – wall. We highly recommend Artbeat Studios in Irvine, California for your giclee printing, thanks to their solvent-based ink technology that makes your giclee printing project not only vibrant and brilliant, but eco-friendly, as well. Their solvent-based inks are second to none when it comes to quality, yet are safe for the environment and safe for the health of our employees. Why we Love Giclee Printing:
  • The newest pigment inks extend the longevity of these prints, thereby creating collectible works of art that stand the test of time.
  • Giclee prints can be printed on demand, thereby offering artists and photographers the ability to reproduce their work as needed. This is because giclee prints are recorded and stored as digital files; so whether you need one print or 100 prints, Artbeat Studios can accommodate your giclee printing needs.
  • Because giclee printing uses the best in printmaking technology, you can be certain of the best in color accuracy for the finest in photographic reproduction.
  • Once the image for a giclee print is stored on a digital file, the process of printing reproductions is quite cost effective. In other words, the cost associated with upfront, mass production costs are eliminated.
  • Unlike film negatives and film, the digitally archived image is protected through giclee printing, thereby ensuring quality reproductions well into the future.
  • Because the images are digitally archived, the artist or photographer can reproduce his or her work in virtually any size, thereby allowing him or her to customize his or her work for various events and client needs.
  • Giclee printing is often said to rival the traditional gelatin printing process found throughout museums and art galleries. In fact, giclee prints can be found in some of the finest museums around the world, including New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.
Artbeat Studios offers giclee prints on canvas, metallic canvas, fine art paper and photo paper, but they also offer high quality fine art printing on Eco-Friendly Wood, HD Metal and HD Acrylic. These products are stunning and very sought after by photographers and artists that want to offer unique high quality products to their customers.