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26, 2009
istock_000002195262xsmall-708915 Promoting your company is a full-time business.  The choices you make on your marketing materials are a key element in the success of your promotional efforts.  Are you willing to do it yourself or should you hire a graphic designer to create the best possible marketing materials? Why Do It Yourself? Many times, a business owner or entrepreneur is a creative type who thrives on developing ideas and learning new things.  An entrepreneur with a creative mind and time on his hands can learn the important elements of graphic design for brochures, booklets, or even websites, and do it all and save a bundle of money in the process. There are also many marketing material templates that make creating business cards, websites, letterhead, and even logos simple and cost effective.  And computer programs make creating marketing materials easy and fun. Sometimes, it is a money factor.  Experienced and graphic designers in demand can cost a good portion of your advertising budget.  Many times business owners do it themselves to save what little marketing budget they have. When to Enlist the Help of a Graphic Designer However, when you need that special edge that you cannot get with templates, and cannot find with your own creativity, it is time to bring in a trained and experienced graphic designer.  Graphic designers are well-versed in style, color, theme, mood, message, and a host of other important factors that should be included in an effective marketing design. Templates can be effective, but they only go so far to bring out the individuality of a business.  And oftentimes popular designs are overused, putting your business card in the league of “copycat.” In addition, many business owners and entrepreneurs simply do not have the time to develop marketing materials on their own.  Hiring a graphic designer gives them the time they need to continue developing their business. Although a graphic designer will cost an initial outlay of money, it may be well worth it in the sales results.  If your marketing materials sizzle and attract customers, isn’t that worth the cost of hiring a graphic designer?  Your graphic designer will work with you to create a logo, design, or other factor that presents your business in the best light. Take special consideration for your marketing materials.  Your business needs to be recognized.  A good graphic designer can create the look your business needs for the recognition it deserves.
avanti printing
12, 2009

explosion of color

It is truly shocking to see how many companies hastily throw together marketing and promotional materials without thoroughly analyzing their marketing strategy. In this economy, every expense needs to generate a return. Having a powerful, cohesive branding strategy is critical to making the marketing materials investment worthwhile.

Of course, the average small business cannot afford to hire a million dollar advertising agency (if only!). However, it does not take an advertising professional or a fancy company to create aesthetically appealing marketing materials that really pack a punch. Here are some tips for getting more “bang for your buck” when it comes to your promotional materials.

  • Optical Weight – A point to keep in mind when assembling your marketing materials is the concept of optical weight. Optical weight is the idea that some graphics and groups of text are “heavier” than others. Darker areas tend to pull our eyes and seem heavier, while lighter areas are more effervescent and carefree. Use optical weight to your advantage by making important points and graphics darker – and thus, “heavier” – than less important areas.
  • Consistency – Consistency is really important when it comes to your marketing materials. It is consistently that reinforces your branding strategy and increases the probability of customer recognition. Ensure that the logo and font for your company name on one flyer is identical to your brochure. Consistently is critical to driving home a theme and image that enables customers to easily picture your company when they think of your product.
  • Avoid Clutter – A streamlined flyer or brochure is better than a clunky one. You may feel the need to tell everything there is to know about your company, especially if you are on a tight marketing budget. However, a streamlined ad is not only more visually pleasing, but much more memorable. Encourage the customer to call you, where you can then truly impress them again with all of your company’s great features.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to efficiently optimize the effectiveness of your marketing materials.