avanti printing
20, 2011
Marketing your business often begins with printed materials distributed to current and potential customers. There are plenty of options, from stationary you use in your office to signage used to broadcast your business to the outside world. Savvy business owners learn how to use various printing options to their benefit, ensuring every piece is used to expand the business. Inside the Office When it comes to printed materials used inside your office, the possibilities are nearly endless. Moving beyond traditional company letterhead, consider office supplies like:
  • Business Cards – the standard cards now come in more sizes, shapes and styles than ever before
  • Brochures – whether educating customers about your company or alerting them to your services, brochures are an excellent mode of communication
  • Product Sheets – promotional material used to highlight a specific product and provide instructions for use
  • Presentation Folders – organizes materials for a presentation with your business identity all over them
  • Annual Reports – make boring reports more interesting to board members with personalized printing
  • Special Event Brochures – big events should be marketed in a big way and a snazzy brochure listing details of the event can be an effective approach
  • Recruitment Materials – attract top notch talent to your team with the most eye-catching recruitment materials in your industry
Outside the Office Marketing is not strictly an internal affair, so here are some ideas for moving your marketing out of the office:
  • Direct Mail – a tried but true approach that is still effective for many companies today
  • Magazines and Newsletters – educate potential customers about your industry while enticing them into your business
  • Posters – designed big to get noticed, posters can be placed nearly anywhere potential customers might lurk
  • Promotional Calendars – a great way to remind customers of your business all year long
  • Promotional Products – from coffee cups to pens, these items get passed to plenty of potential clients
  • Trade Show Graphics – make your industry booth stand out from the rest with printing designed for impact
This is just a smattering of the printing options available to companies today. When you choose your printed materials with promotion in mind, the money spent on printing will translate into a bigger bottom line for your company.