avanti printing
27, 2011
  Holidays abound throughout the calendar year, and if your business is only taking advantage of the Christmas holiday season to send greeting cards, then you are missing many opportunities!  Take out your calendar and use other holiday opportunities to reach out to current and potential customers. There are a few guidelines, however, to ensure you avoid alienating customers during holidays. Although holiday cards should feature your company’s name and logo, you don’t want customers to view your business as using these holidays just to advertise and send them junk mail. You want your greeting cards to remain tasteful, like your business, so customers enjoy receiving these holiday greetings. • Don’t Sound Like a Commercial – It’s important to use the holiday as an opportunity to wish your current and potential customers good wishes without peppering the sentiment with your company’s name. For instance, writing a 4th of July message might read, “We wish you a spectacular 4th of July filled with fireworks, family and fun! Sincerely, Morris Landscaping.” You don’t need to include a company bio and repeatedly insert your company’s name. Less is more when writing holiday cards. • Individualize Your Greeting Cards – Although most businesses will buy holiday cards in bulk, taking the time to individualize the cards will go a long way with your customers. Obviously, if you have a large mailing list consisting of hundreds or thousands of current and potential customers, choose a select group that you really want to reach out to, whether it’s a new customer or established one. That way, you help promote loyalty among your customers and will impress them because no matter how large your customer base gets, you still remember individual customers. • Choose Stylish Greeting Cards – Setting a budget for sending holiday cards is expected, but don’t choose a holiday card just because it’s a great deal. Instead, choose the most stylish holiday card that complements your company’s brand and style within your pre-determined budget. This might even mean ordering semi-custom holiday cards, but the end result will be worth it when you get the positive feedback from new and old customers alike. When you’re sending holiday cards, remember to keep the tone neutral, especially when sending holiday cards during the Christmas season. It’s important to send a general message of “season’s greetings” because this type of message has universal appeal.