avanti printing
24, 2012
When designing your company’s brochure, you will want to ensure that the brochure is comprehensive and informative before you head to the Orange County brochure printers with your order. So before you spend a dime on Orange County brochure printers services, make sure that your brochure has everything it should – and nothing that it shouldn’t. You can begin by asking yourself the following question:
  • Who is my target audience? Is it the general public, potential clients, the press, or potential members? Your answer to this question should be kept in mind when asking yourself the following questions:
  • Does my brochure clearly explain my company or organization’s purpose?
  • Does my brochure answer the questions most often asked about my company or organization?
  • Is the brochure easy to read?
  • Is the brochure eye-catching and attractive?
If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, then you are well on your way to a great brochure completed by Orange County brochure printers that will be a fantastic marketing tool for your company or organization. However, what many businesses fail to realize is that there are a number of things that shouldn’t in the brochure, as well, including:
  • Rambling, run-on sentences – The best brochures are those that get the point across with as few sentences as possible. If you find yourself going on and on to make a point, regroup and rid your brochure of run-on or otherwise-wordy sentences.
  • Redundancy – A successful brochure is one that can be read and understood in a matter of minutes. Too much copy or copy that is repeated several times on the brochure is a bad idea, mainly because you will likely lose the interest of the reader.
  • Difficult-to-Understand Language – Unless you are targeting an audience who will understand technical language or language specific to your business or industry, it is important to focus your brochure’s marketing efforts on easy-to-understand language that the masses can easily understand.
  • Too much of anything – Whether it’s logos, pictures, photographs or words, a brochure jam packed with information is one that is often overlooked. It is important to ensure your marketing efforts are successful, and to do so your brochure must be clean, clear cut, and straightforward.
With these tips in mind, you are quickly on your way to printing a fabulous, effective brochure.