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27, 2012
Your business card is your business’ calling card, so it pays to give it your time and attention. A business card that doesn’t convey vital information, one that is of poor quality, or one that can’t be easily read will get you nowhere in terms of getting the word out about you and your business. With that said, there are a few things you can do to ensure your business card is the valuable marketing tool it should be:
  1. 1.    Consider using more than basic card stock.
Yes, it is tempting to purchase inexpensive card stock from your local office supply store and make your own business cards from home, but you really aren’t doing yourself any favors going this route. Your business card needs to reflect the same quality and attention that your customers hope you give to your business’ goods or services. Inexpensive business cards feel inexpensive and the ink may very well bleed at the first drop of water. Instead, head to trusted Orange County business card printers and order business cards that are of a substantial weight and quality, and consider adding such distinctive marks as an embossed logo and company name. When it comes to business cards, always remember that you get what you pay for in terms of Orange County business card printers.
  1. 2.    Make sure your business card clearly reflects your business’ purpose.
If readers don’t clearly understand the purpose of your business when they look at your business card from Orange County business card printers then you are not taking full advantage of this ideal marketing tool. If you have a business that specializes in resume writing services, for example, and your business name does not indicate this, then it is certainly vital to include language on your business card that spells out, in clear and concise language, your business’ purpose. Otherwise, your business card becomes much less effective as a marketing tool.
  1. 3.    Think creatively.
If you are in the creative field, or even if you are in a not-so-creative field but you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, it pays to consider an eye-catching business card that will draw in people’s attention. Think in terms of bold colors and brilliant graphics, for example. However, always keep in mind that your business card must first inform, so don’t let your graphics or colors outshine your business’ purpose and contact information.
avanti printing
22, 2011
  Business cards have been an integral part of business dealings for decades, but those standard rectangles have come a long way since their early years. Now there are plenty of options to help you make your business information stand out from the crowd. Check out these latest trends in business card printing.   Sticker Cards Want a business card that will stick with your potential client forever? Sticker business cards are one of the hottest ways to share contact information and advertise your business today. These cards are either sold individually or in a roll. Business card stickers can adorn presentation folders, promotional materials and even be used as a name badge at trade shows!   Die Cut Cards The standard rectangle card is so last century – today’s card is all about unique shapes that stand out from the rest. Choose a basic round card or select a shape that illustrates your business. Some standard rectangles are also sporting cut-outs in the middle of the card for eye-catching style.   Folded Cards Business cards that fold into shapes and objects are just too much fun to throw away. Some of these business cards simply fold up to display a photo, but others are much more intricate; featuring actual objects you can create out of the card and set on your desk.   Plastic Cards Plastic is a more durable material than cardstock, so your plastic business card is sure to withstand the test of time. These cards have come a long way since their introduction, and now sport bright colors and designs to compete with their paper counterparts.   Memorable Images Business cards are about much more than providing information today; many boast spectacular graphics and images that make the cards shine. Begin with a company logo and then add color and an image that complements your company.   Glossy UV Finish A glossy UV finish does more than make your card get noticed – it also protects the information more effectively. A glossy UV finish also brings out the colors and graphics in your business cards beautifully.   Business cards are still in vogue, with plenty of new trends to enjoy. Check out one of these new business card ideas to make your next set stand out from the rest.
avanti printing
21, 2009
Giving a card Your business card is one of the most versatile and most used networking tools.  Each time you meet someone and talk about your business, politely hand them your card so they have a way to remember the conversation and contact you. However, with the advent of home computer printing, there is an overabundance of plain and boring business cards, most of which get tossed when the receiver cleans his pockets.  What can you do to make your business card stand out and still deliver a clear message? Nowadays, graphic design and printing companies have the technology to design and produce a multitude of creative business cards.  If you choose to spend the extra time and money on a creatively designed business card, people will take notice – and you could end up acquiring more business because of it. Here are just four creative ideas that are affordable and can make your business card “pop” out and in a potential customer’s hand:
  • Plasticize – Why go with flimsy cardstock that will fade, tear and wear out?  Create a business card printed on durable plastic in any color, including clear or opaque.  Plastic business cards have the same dimensions and thickness of regular cards and can easily be slipped into a wallet or purse.  However, they give the receiver a strong impression and a reason to take a second look.
  • Out Of Shape – 99% of business cards are 3.5 X 2 inches with square corners.  Why not have your card stand out with a different shape?  Even simple rounded corners or oval shape can give your business card a stand out.  Or why not go 4 X 1.5 inches?  Changing the shape of your business card makes you look different from the rest of the crowd.
  • Skip The Print – One growing trend in creative business cards is stencil cutting your info or logo through the card.  Make sure the cardstock is durable.  However, with a creative and eye-catching stencil design people take notice.
  • Colorize – One of the most affordable ways to make your business card pop is the use of color.  A colorfully designed logo or even a full photo printed to the edges of the card is attractive and noticeable.
Remember, you want your business card to stand out and be memorable.  Don’t go overboard on a creative design that looks snazzy, but is not practical for the receiver to carry or store.  When you provide some dazzle on your business card, expect the returns with calls to your business.