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31, 2012
largeformatpicYou’ve used the services of Orange County large format printers for some time now, and you’ve noticed they offer large format print services. What can a large format printer do for your business? Well, plenty, according to most Orange County large format printers. Here are just a few of the advantages of large format printing: Large format prints are great at getting attention. If you have large store windows or you need something large and graphic for your next trade show, a large format print is the way to go. A banner or a large sign is a fantastic way to garner attention and get the word out about your next promotion or sale. Plus, conveying information on a large format print is quite easy to do, as people don’t need to be on top of the print in order to read it. Large format prints make people stop and pay attention. A large format print is a good way to get the word out – fast! If you have an upcoming event and you haven’t had time to send out postcards or other mailers, a poster or banner in the front of your store or hanging outside where passersby can easily see it always successful. People are likely to look at your large format print and pay attention to it, thereby allowing your next marketing promotion to go off without a hitch. A large format print makes everyone your customer. Unlike mailers and other forms of direct marketing and advertising, you don’t need to figure out who your customer is; the sign will take care of it. In other words, you will reach a large number of potential customers through a large format print, thereby taking the guesswork out of whether you have targeted the right customer. A large format print travels well. Orange County large format printers, because they can print your company’s message on many types of materials, including adhesive vinyl, canvas and window clings, just for starters, allow you to store, transport and reuse your signs, event after event and year after year.
avanti printing
14, 2012
If you aren’t familiar with large format printing, and you want to make a strong statement with your business’ marketing efforts, then it pays to consider why large format printing is the standard for everything from banners and posters to large-scale graphics. Sure, you can print a variety of smaller marketing materials, but you must ask yourself whether they are really making the visual impact for which you are seeking. Large format printing, on the other hand, has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools for today’s businesses. Large format print jobs, in the past, were handled by few print shops and were typically sent away. As such, many businesses avoided these types of large-format print jobs because of the time and money. Now, however, many printing services, such as Avanti Printing, are able to complete these large-format print jobs in house, thanks to innovations in large format printers. If you choose an in-house printer for your large format printing needs, there are a few things to consider: cost, turnaround time, and quality. Cost Pricing for large-format printing can vary widely from one printing service to the next, so it is always best to price out your large-format printing order before you order. Avanti Printing boasts competitive pricing that allows many businesses to afford large-format marketing items like banners and posters. Turnaround Time If time is an issue, it is best to ask several printing companies about their turnaround time for their large-format print jobs. Some businesses, such as Avanti Printing, possess the highest-quality, large-format printers that are able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time of other large format printers. Quality Once again, not all large format printers are created the same, so it is best to check the quality of a printing service’s large format print jobs. Make sure the print job is of the highest quality so you can be sure your marketing efforts are also of the highest quality. Avanti Printing of Irvine, CA, is the leader in large-format printing, thanks the acquisition of the Epson GS6000, the largest printer in its class. The Epson GS6000 uses solvent-based ink technology, which delivers high-impact results for any large-format printing job.
avanti printing
8, 2011
Vinyl banners are the way to go if you need to capture your customers’ attention. We love vinyl banners because they give you the “wow” effect you are looking for, but are easy on your wallet. In fact, vinyl banners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be an ideal marketing or advertising tool for your business, organization or group. Why are Vinyl Banners Best for you?
  • Vinyl banners are lightweight and easy to transport. Even the largest banner can be easily rolled up and transported in your vehicle.
  • Vinyl banners are durable. If you need a sign that you can use time and time again, a vinyl banner is right for you. In addition, if you need a sign that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications without fear of it being destroyed by wind, rain and snow, a vinyl banner is usually a smart choice.
  • Vinyl banners are cost effective. Vinyl banners give you great bang for your buck. Their large size attracts the most attention, yet they are quite cost effective when it comes to sign printing.
  • Vinyl banners can be quite beautiful and colorful. Vinyl banner printing has come a long way, thanks to new printing methods. In fact, Avanti Printing now boasts the newest vinyl banner printing using the latest in solvent-based ink technology. These new, eco-friendly inks are second to none when it comes to quality and brilliance, and are also safe for the environment.
If you are looking for a printer who can handle your vinyl banner printing needs, it is important to consider a number of factors, including:
  • Your banner size – Vinyl banner printing allows Avanti Printing to print banners of nearly every size, from small, one-foot banners to massive banners that can grace the front of your business.
  • Your budget – The budget for your vinyl banner printing project will change according to the number of colors, your custom logo or text, and the overall size of the banner, so consider all of these factors when planning your vinyl banner printing budget.
  • Your needs – From your store’s grand opening to your company’s fundraiser, vinyl banners are the ideal way to advertise, market and identify your next event, occasion or business event.
avanti printing
31, 2011
If you are looking for the most cost-effective advertising or marketing strategy then you must consider the advantages of vehicle graphics. Whether you use your vehicle to perform your job, run errands or for delivery purposes, vehicle graphics are often the best way to get the word out about your business. We like vehicle graphics because they offer a big impact on your marketing and advertising efforts, not on your wallet. Consider that information or advertising about your business on your moving vehicle (or multiple company vehicles) is like a moving billboard. And if you’ve ever considered other types of graphic advertising, such as billboards, you know that it doesn’t come cheap. Vehicle graphics are also quite cost effective because they don’t expire! In other words, other types of marketing and advertising have expiration dates, such as ads, billboards and radio spots, but your vehicle graphics last as long as you want them to! The Many Advantages of Vehicle Graphics
  • Vehicle graphics offer high-impact graphics that are typically printed onto self-adhesive vinyl, thereby making the process of placing them onto your vehicle quite simple.
  • Quality vehicle graphics are particularly eye-catching, as they actually appear as if they are painted onto the vehicle.
  • Vehicle graphics are ideal for the smallest, local businesses to the largest corporations. Many times, these graphics are ideal for service vehicles, maintenance vehicles and vehicle fleets.
  • Vehicle graphics can be removed from the vehicle, when desired, without fear of damaging the vehicle body.
  • Avanti Printing uses the latest in solvent-based ink technology and the newest printing methods that are both safe for the environment and safe for the health of our employees. Plus, these eco-friendly inks are second to none in terms of quality and brilliance.
  • Vehicle graphics can partially cover the vehicle, fully cover the vehicle (called vehicle wraps), or simply consist of spot graphics that can be placed wherever desired on the vehicle.
  • Your vehicle graphics can consist of everything from your company name, company logo, contact information, and services provided. The choice is yours!
  • Striking vehicle graphics get noticed quickly, thereby making them an extremely effective form of advertising or marketing.
avanti printing
27, 2011
Custom vehicle magnets are a cost-effective and highly visible form of advertising or marketing for your business. Your vehicle is a blank canvas when it comes to your business, so why not take advantage of this moving billboard to promote your business or promotional event? If you use your vehicle to run errands, travel to your clients, or make deliveries, you may be missing out on the perfect opportunity to further maximize your company’s image. Vehicle magnets are like traveling advertising for your business, and are a great way to get the word out about your business. In short, vehicle magnets are one of the best forms of low-cost advertising and marketing for your business, regardless of whether you have just one car or a fleet of delivery vans! Irvine, California’s Avanti Printing is a leader in vehicle magnet printing, and we use the latest in solvent-based ink technology to produce only the finest vehicle magnets that are second to none in terms of color brilliance and quality. Our solvent-based inks are eco-friendly and safe for the health of our employees, thereby making them the best choice for your vehicle magnet needs. Why We Love Vehicle Magnets:
  • Vehicle magnets are incredibly cost effective and serve as a low-cost promotional tool or marketing tool for your business.
  • Vehicles magnets are durable, thereby providing you with a long-lasting form of marketing or advertising for your business.
  • Avanti Printing creates attractive, eye-catching vehicle magnets that help you identify and promote your business, regardless of where you are.
  • Vehicle magnets are ideal for reinforcing your company’s image or message, and are an effective way to reinforce your branding efforts.
  • Vehicle magnets are available in any number of sizes or shapes, thereby allowing you to customize your signage to accommodate your information, logo and other information.
  • Vehicle magnets can be easily removed, repositioned and replaced as desired without fear of damaging your business or personal vehicle.
  • Vehicle magnets are weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about the elements damaging your marketing or advertising efforts.
  • Vehicle magnets maximize your company’s visibility on the road and are often much more effective – and cost-effective – than custom vehicle decals and detailing.
avanti printing
25, 2011
Wall graphics are an interesting and eye-catching way to accomplish your marketing and advertising efforts. They can showcase your event, your product or your service, or simply work alongside your latest promotional strategy to round out your marketing efforts and create the biggest impact. Wall graphics can be found in a front window, in a public place or simply on the wall of your business and can be everything from a small logo to a large wall mural. Wall graphics can consist of your company name, your company logo, or your latest promotional event. They are printed using the latest, solvent-based ink technology, thereby offering the best in quality and color brilliance. The eco-friendly inks used by Avanti Printing are safe for our employees and safe for the environment. Why Use Wall Graphics?
  • A blank wall in your business is an opportunity to showcase your business or promotional efforts and create a strong impact with your customers.
  • Using wall graphics to showcase your company name and logo creates a lasting image in your customers’ minds, thereby leaving a lasting image and driving home your company’s logo or message.
  • Wall graphics are a bold way to advertise or market your company and, when compared to other types of marketing and advertising strategies, is extremely cost effective.
  • Wall graphics can proudly display your company image or a photograph or visual image and are the ideal way to create a positive image for your company.
  • Wall graphics can be easily removed from a wall without fear of damaging the wall, thereby making them the ideal choice if you are leasing your office or retail space.
  • Wall graphics can be printed in a number of sizes to customize your wall and create the biggest impact.
  • Wall graphics can provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your company, and can complement your store or company’s already-existing marketing efforts.
  • Unlike posters and banners, wall graphics usually appear more professional and polished.
  • When placed on a high traffic wall, wall graphics can be an extremely effective form of advertising for your business.
avanti printing
9, 2010
With the ease and low-cost of banner printing, you can utilize these eye-catching marketing tools to convey your messages.  With easy banner printing, you can create a custom sign for your business window, use it as a promotional sign on your vehicle, introduce a new product at an event, advertise your business at a trade show, or even wish your spouse a happy birthday at a party. Although banner printing is easy and has many uses, there are a few things to consider when you make your banner printing order. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Hem and Grommets Is your banner going to be securely tied? You may want to order your banner printing with hem and grommets. A hem adds reinforcement to your banner edges, and brass grommets are reinforced holes where you can use rope to tie off your banner to a building, pole, or other secure structure. A banner flapping in the wind and exposed to the elements can quickly become shredded. Consider hem and grommets if you plan to display your banner outside. Pole Pockets Another option for your banner printing is to include pole pockets on the left and right sides, or at the top and bottom. Pole pockets can easily allow you to slip your banner onto an existing set of poles to secure and display your banner. Vinyl Banners Your banner printing job can easily be produced on high-quality, long-lasting vinyl. Vinyl banners are rugged and help extend the life of a typical banner sign, especially if it is used outside. Vinyl banners can be high-grade with a smooth, matte finish, or top-quality mesh vinyl with a rugged finish. Horizontal or Vertical Layout Your banner printing layout can make or break the pizzazz of your banner. A horizontal banner is most commonly used, but why not try a vertical banner printing that is attention-getting and unique? Banner Size The size of your banner is also important for a first impression and lasting impact. Traditional size banner printing is easy and cost-effective, but if you have a special product you’d like to promote or an event you are sponsoring, why not opt for an oversize banner to make the biggest impact? An oversize banner can draw a lot of attention and give your product or event an exciting element. Banner printing is a cost-effective way to promote your business, product, event, or for any special use. Use these helpful tips, and design a catchy banner that will improve your business.