avanti printing
3, 2010
Building a brand is one of the most important aspects of marketing a business.  Indeed, your brand will be closely associated with your business for its duration. Your brand, therefore, needs to be represented on all your business stationery, ranging from your letterhead to your business cards. A brand is different from your logo, from the design and color scheme on your website, and from the name of your business. Your brand is the image you project to customers, and your brand will carry with it your reputation in the business world. In order to build your brand and make it positive, you need to incorporate what you want your brand to be in your business stationery. This means that all your business stationery should repeat your logo, tagline and business name, ensuring that your business is always associated with your brand. Ask yourself these questions before your next round of business stationery printing. Is the Logo on my Business Stationery Sized Correctly? Your business logo needs to be noticeable, so if you have to squint to make it out on your current business stationery, it’s likely too small. If, however, it takes up a lot of room and crowds out your business name or tagline, then it probably needs to be resized. Your business stationery printer will be able to suggest the perfect size to ensure your logo becomes part of your brand. Is my Letterhead Too Colorful? Your business stationery should be printed on white or ivory paper to retain a professional look. The only color should be introduced via your logo and business name, although your color scheme needs to stand out against the white or ivory background, making bold colors acceptable because they will give your business stationery a pop of color without being overwhelming. Do I Need a Tagline? Ideally, your tagline describes your business mission in a clever and succinct way, making it the perfect addition to your logo or business name on your business stationery. A catchy tagline will help make your brand more memorable. Is my Brand Unique? Your business brand needs to separate you from your competition, so do some research on your competitors’ business stationery package and branding scheme and compare it to yours. If yours is fresh and different, then your brand has what it takes to stand apart from the competition and succeed.