avanti printing
24, 2009
istock_000002428233xsmall Your marketing budget should go to good use.  When you purchase marketing materials for distribution to potential customers, you don’t want them sitting in a closet in the supply room.  Where are good places to distribute your marketing materials to target clients and customers? Conventions – Conventions are the best places to find targeted customers for your marketing materials.  Since conventions are themed by specific industry, holiday, or event, you can find a plethora of potential customers to give your marketing materials.  Even if you’re a local business in a larger city, conventions occur almost on a weekly basis. Say you run a wedding photography business.  You should rent a booth at every wedding themed convention in your city to get your marketing materials and brand in the hands of potential buyers.  By offering discounts to convention attendees, you can also increase your business. Bring your marketing materials to national conventions as well.  If your company has a national marketing strategy, you should research all conventions that pertain to your industry and budget to get your brand in the hands of more customers.  National conventions usually occur in larger cities, so use the time wisely there to distribute marketing materials to other researched businesses and customers. Fairs & Festivals – Every summer produces county and state fairs in every state.  And year-round, you may find other popular festivals where larges masses congregate.  These are great places for branding your business and getting marketing materials to people.  Sponsor an exhibit at the county fair and make sure you have plenty of marketing materials handy for passers-by, and remember that people love free stuff at festivals.  Make sure you talk to organizers to get a table set up with your brand name to give everyone. Cross-Promote – Through simple joint ventures with other businesses, you can get marketing materials to a wider and newer set of customers.  Find a business that complements yours.  Set up a way for you to cross-promote each other’s business by having free marketing materials for customers, and by giving special discounts for their customers to visit you (and vice versa). Finding ways to distribute your marketing materials is easy.  All it takes is a little creativity and ingenuity to find the right places with the right number of customers.  Get your brand out there and you will soon find that new customers will take notice.