avanti printing
18, 2014

customjobsPrinters In California all offer the same things. They provide printing services for a number of products including fliers, catalogs, brochures, bookmarks, business cards, greeting cards, and notepads. The idea is to create something to help promote your business or organization. Everyone uses printing companies, so how can you make something that stands out from the rest of the businesses like yours that make promotional products? Find a company that offers these custom printing techniques.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of using a machine to cut paper, vinyl, fabric, and foil into different shapes. You can cut stickers that are round or business cards that are shaped like hearts. You can also cut shapes out of the material. You could have a flier with your business name cut out instead of printed. The possible designs are endless as new dies can be made to fit your design idea.


Embossing paper, usually card stock, is the process of creating raised and recessed areas to make a design stand out. You can have the main part of your design, such as your company name, raised so you could trace over it with your fingers. You could go the opposite way and have the name recessed as if the name is carved into the paper. Intricate designs use both to create an almost 3D effect.


Foiling creates an elegant look. Colored foil, often gold or silver, is used to create designs. Your company name or logo could be made out of gold or silver foil. It will shine and stand out. The process usually involves using adhesive to draw the design on the paper. The foil is then pressed, or burnished, to the material. When removed, foil remains where the adhesive was applied. Special machines can also emboss and foil your design at the same time.


If you need to make a brochure, notebook, or catalog, you can choose to bind the product in a different way. Most binding include simply folding the paper. You can choose to be different by binding the product by the sewn method, coil method, or staple method.

If you find printers in California area that offer these extra techniques, then you know you will end up with a product that stands out from the rest.