avanti printing
1, 2009
istock_000001912980xsmall Whether or not you are in the travel industry, your business can benefit from rack card printing that promotes your products or services to out of town customers.  Rack cards are aptly named because of where they are usually placed – on racks usually found in hotels, restaurants, airports, or other travel related places.  Not only can rack cards promote your business to out-of-towners, but also to locals who may have never noticed your business previously. Rack card printing can be easy.  Once you have the basic setup, you can always place an order for more cards when the need arises.  If you want your rack card printing stock to stand out, here are a few easy steps to take. 1. Choose Your Design An eye-catching design is essential for your rack card printing to be successful.  You want to attract visitors and new customers, and the first step is getting their attention.  However, your rack card must compete with dozens of other rack cards or multiple racks in a single location.  Use a professional graphic designer if you can, and have him or her incorporate stunning and colorful photos and images that will attract potential customers to your card. One recommended design element is to bleed colors to the edge of your rack card.  Rack card printing allows for bleeding so you can fill the entire card with your design. 2. Choose a Cardstock The cardstock you choose is important as well.  Make sure you choose a cardstock that is not too flimsy.  A 14pt paper stock is a good start.  You want the rack card to last. 3. Choose Single or Double Side Printing You might want to choose double sided rack card printing.  Use one side as the colorful, brilliant, eye-catching side, and the other to print directions to your business locations, a map, special offerings, or any other additional information. 4. Choose a Coating The final step in your rack card printing is the coating.  You can choose a smooth matte finish for a classy look, or a glossy UV coating that adds brilliance to your colors. Rack card printing is a great way to promote your business at other popular locations.  The cost is very affordable, and depending on the number you order, can be less than $.10 per card.  Get your rack card designed today and talk to your printer for your next order!