avanti printing
16, 2010
One of the main goals of your business is to create recurring traffic.  Building customer loyalty is essential to running a business, as it takes much less cost and effort to keep a customer than it does to woo a new one.  But with the fiercely competitive atmosphere of the business world, how do you keep your clients returning again and again? Advertising is an important part of business generation.  However, finding the right advertising medium can be a bit of a challenge.  You have to budget your printing costs, yet find something that is creative enough that it attracts the right kind of attention.  Calendar printing is one way that you can achieve this balance. Why calendars work Calendar printing is an excellent advertising medium because it allows you to print once, yet advertise the entire year.  Calendars are tools used by many, even in today’s digital society.  They allow you to highlight your business while still leaving room for your clients to record their own information. Even better still, if your calendar is display-worthy, anyone who visits your client’s home or office will get to see the calendar as well, helping to generate even more business. Elements to include When doing calendar printing as a giveaway, there are a few features that you need to include.  A calendar needs to be attractive; otherwise it will be tossed in favor of one with better images.  Calendars also need to be useful, lest they be tossed out during the next office tidy up. You should also consider the following for calendar printing:
  • Graphics – Many people display calendars because they are visually interesting, and because of this, your calendar printing needs to contain only the highest quality images.  Depending on your field, you may consider highlighting images of your own products or a related industry.  You can also pick an unrelated yet visually stimulating topic for your images if you display your contact information prominently.
  • Space – In order for calendars to be useful, you need to include plenty of blank spaces for users to write in their own appointments and information.  Besides including plenty of space for each day, you might also consider having a place for notes as well.
  • Advertising – When designing a calendar for printing, it can be easy to forget the ultimate goal of the calendar – to draw in business.  However, it is crucial that you work in your advertising points as well.  Consider highlighting days that have special sales, including a coupon, or writing in a friendly reminder about how you would like to see them.
  • Contact information – While calendar printing is useful because calendars last all year long, it can also mean that it is easy for the client to forget how to contact you later in the year.  Make sure that each month contains the pertinent contact information so that the client can contact you.
By including all of this information in your calendar printing, you can have a visually interesting calendar that your clients are proud to use and display – which reminds them to continue to do business with your company.