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3, 2011
Presentation folders are not only designed to contain vital marketing tools like brochures, bound presentations, DVDs and CDs, but are also a form of promotion. Presentation folders are professional ways to distribute press kits, samples, product information, sales presentations or a combination of these materials. Instead of presenting important marketing or sales tools in a plain, store-bought folder, you are presenting them in a customized, professional folder designed to meet your business’s needs.  Better yet, custom presentation folder printing will highlight your specifically developed brand. When you decide to choose custom presentation folder printing, remember these printing tips.
  • Selecting Folder Size – If you plan ahead of time what your presentation folder will contain, you’ll be better equipped to order the folder size you need. The standard folder size is 9 by 12 inches, but you might not need one that large because you’re including a small product sample and promotional DVDs, for instance. Should your planned folder contents be printed on legal paper, for example, you’ll need to increase the length to 14.5-inches.
  • Type of Folder Paper – Your custom printed presentation folder will represent your business on paper and should make a favorable impression. The best choice is double-sided coated paper, but if your budget only allows for single-sided, just be aware that it’s not as durable and shouldn’t be overloaded with a large sales presentation, for example.
  • Number of Pockets – Carefully planning what will be inserted in the folder will help you choose the amount of pockets. Do you need multiple pockets so that each marketing tool has its own place or will a single pocket on each side work best?
  • Make Room for Accessory Slits – If you plan to insert accessories, like DVDs, business cards, pre-printed envelopes for requesting additional information, or even an introductory letter, all will benefit from a specially designed accessory slit in the folder to prevent items from sliding out of the folder’s regular pockets.
With careful planning, you can make the most of your custom printed presentation folders and be prepared when discussing your needs with your printer. Being prepared means your presentation folders will effectively represent your business in a professional light and make potential customers take your business seriously.
avanti printing
24, 2009
img_07772 Presentation folders are a great way to send multiple forms of communication.  They can hold papers, brochures, slim products, CDs, and a variety of additional promotional material.  You might presentation folders useful for the following:
  • Sales Packets
  • Promotional Information
  • Free Samples
  • New Product Presentation
  • Press Kits
But what exactly is a presentation folder, and how can custom presentation folder printing aid your business? Certainly, any business has the option of purchasing generic presentation folders to use for any of the promotional ideas above.  However, a generic folder does not project your business image or professionalism.  Presentation folder printing allows you to design a folder with your business name, logo, and other stylistic additions so your business can not only present information, but also present a professional image. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you make your presentation folder printing order:
  • Size – Typical standard presentation folder printing size is 9″ x 12″.  However, the size depends mainly on what you expect to include inside your folder.  Will you use legal size paper?  You might want to lengthen the folder to a 14.5″ size.  You may also want to custom design a smaller size if you just include smaller note-size papers and brochures.
  • Paper – The type of paper depends on what you can afford and how professional you want to project your business image.  You can use a single-sided coated paper, but a double-sided coated paper is much stronger and more durable.
  • Pockets – You will want to consider the number of pockets as well.  Will you want a single pocket or a pocket on each side of your presentation folder printing order?  If you are including multiple items in a promotional presentation folder, you may consider two or more pockets.
  • Accessory Slits – Accessory slits can be included with your presentation folder printing job.  Slits can be useful for including business cards, envelopes, CDs, or DVDs.  If you want to include additional media or papers, make sure your printer has the ability to include these accessory slits.
Custom presentation folder printing is a great way to keep your business image professional when you mail promotional materials, hand out information at meetings, or simply give to customers at trade shows.  Make sure you consider the uses for your presentation folder, and what will be included so you can design your custom presentation folder printing order accurately.