avanti printing
21, 2010
Postcard printing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods for small businesses.  Easy to create, easy to mail, and easy to get your point across, postcards are a fun way to share the news with your clients. Remember to keep your postcard printing short and to the point.  The goal with postcards is not to inform the reader of every last detail, but rather to whet their interest so that they contact you for more information. The visual appeal is important as well, as you may have mere seconds to make an impression on the reader before they toss your postcard into the recycle bin.  Choosing appropriate color schemes and images are important. Lastly, every postcard should include your contact information in some form, whether it is your phone number, website, or physical address. Not sure how postcard printing can work for you?  Here are some direct mail strategies that your small business can utilize: Announcements Do you have a grand opening or a great sale coming up?  Make sure that your customers are in the know with postcard printing.  New stores can do blanket mailings for very little cost by sending out postcards to every household within a geographical area. If you already have a client base, then you can use this as your mailing list to notify your loyal clients about your special event.  Remember to send out the postcards far enough in advance that your customers can plan for it, but not so far in advance that they forget about the event before it happens. Coupons These days, everyone is trying to save money, and more and more businesses are becoming aware of this by offering their customers special incentives.  Whether you want to offer them specific coupons or percentages off, postcard printing is a great way to get the postcard into their hands. Plus, this is a great method for verifying the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.  By tracking the number of postcards sent out compared to those coupons that are redeemed, you will get a better idea as to the health of your business and if you are advertising to the right people. Reminders Many service industries rely on repeat business to keep sales high.  For example, your dentist relies on you coming in for that annual appointment every year, your vet wants you to bring your dog in for shots, and your mechanic expects you to show up for regular oil changes.  If you are in a business that relies on regular, repeat business, then you can use postcard printing to create a gentle reminder for your clients.  Keep track of when your clients will be due for their next visit with you, and send a postcard out a few weeks before.  You can even include a coupon or other incentive to encourage them to come and see you. If you aren’t sure how you can use postcard printing for your business, talk to your printer.  Your printer can go over different features that may be useful for your industry, including automatically using your own mailing list, purchasing mailing lists, and utilizing printing features like two-sided and four-color printing.