avanti printing
6, 2011
Carbon copies should be a thing of the past now that NCR forms have been developed. These carbonless forms make businesses that need multiple copy forms more efficient. NCR forms have been chemically treated so that typed or written content will transfer clearly from the top sheet to subsequent sheets. NCR forms are typically used in business for contracts, receipts, invoices and statements. Follow these four simple ways for NCR form printing to streamline your business. 1. Amount of Parts Needed Figure out how many parts your business needs from its NCR form printing so that you won’t have to make photo copies when you’re one short. You can choose as little as two parts, but can increase to six and above. Most NCR forms print in two or three parts so that businesses can efficiently distribute copies to all parties who require one. 2. Black Ink or Colored? If your NCR forms will be distributed internally, choosing black ink is the more cost-effective choice. However, if a copy will be given to a customer, you might choose to add a colored ink to your NCR form. It’s even possible to print several colors on the top copy and revert to a single color on the rest to save money. Also, double-sided printing is an option, especially if the customer’s copy should include any additional information. 3. Do You Need Sequential Numbers? Some businesses require NCR forms to be sequentially numbered, especially if keeping track of invoices, for example. Maintaining a sequential numbering system is simple and can be done by entering the desired first number on your printer. 4. Binding NCR Forms Another useful option is to bind your NCR forms after printing. NCR forms that must remain together can be bound as a booklet or along the top edge, depending on your needs. A booklet format gives you the option of including a cover that clearly labels the NCR form category, while binding the top edge is an easy way to distribute forms internally. NCR forms are easy to print, produce more reliable copies than carbons and can help streamline your business so that every department that needs a copy is assured of getting one, provided these four tips are followed prior to printing.