avanti printing
14, 2010

Postcards are inexpensive to print and inexpensive to mail, which is why many businesses take advantage of this important marketing tool. What better way to get information about your latest sale or promotion to customers than by sending a well-designed postcard?  The key is to make sure your postcards are doing their job: attracting customers to your business. Follow these tips, and your next postcard mailing should drum up extra business.

Choose the Right Graphic Using Stock Photos Postcards are compact, meaning that you must be concise and choose your graphics carefully. Stock photos are plentiful, inexpensive (usually), and come in high resolution, which is perfect for printing postcards. It’s best to have a specific image in mind to enhance your postcard and then perform a search for the right stock photo. Stock photos mean you don’t have to hire a professional photographer just for a simple postcard mailing, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. As long as you choose a well-taken, relevant stock photo, your postcard will stand out — in a good way! When to Commission Photos and Graphics If you need professional shots of your specific products, place or business or services, then you should consider hiring a professional photographer to do the job. You might also want to hire a model to show off your product. Make sure if you’re paying for a photo shoot that the photos can be used not only for your postcards, but for your website and other marketing materials. Custom graphics are also a possibility. Instead of hiring a professional photographer, you can hire a graphic artist to create a unique and eye-catching original illustration of your product or service. The sky is the limit with custom graphics, and you can then re-use the image on other promotional materials. Choose the Right Font You can use a single font or mix a pair of fonts to boost the aesthetic appeal of your postcard design. Your headlines might be a large, bold block print in a different color from the rest of the content. As long as the font is legible, you can be as creative as you need to be to create an eye-catching design for your postcards. Postcards that are designed to impress, whether you use a stock photo, hire a photographer or commission custom graphics, will inspire customers to visit your business.