avanti printing
14, 2012
If you aren’t familiar with large format printing, and you want to make a strong statement with your business’ marketing efforts, then it pays to consider why large format printing is the standard for everything from banners and posters to large-scale graphics. Sure, you can print a variety of smaller marketing materials, but you must ask yourself whether they are really making the visual impact for which you are seeking. Large format printing, on the other hand, has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools for today’s businesses. Large format print jobs, in the past, were handled by few print shops and were typically sent away. As such, many businesses avoided these types of large-format print jobs because of the time and money. Now, however, many printing services, such as Avanti Printing, are able to complete these large-format print jobs in house, thanks to innovations in large format printers. If you choose an in-house printer for your large format printing needs, there are a few things to consider: cost, turnaround time, and quality. Cost Pricing for large-format printing can vary widely from one printing service to the next, so it is always best to price out your large-format printing order before you order. Avanti Printing boasts competitive pricing that allows many businesses to afford large-format marketing items like banners and posters. Turnaround Time If time is an issue, it is best to ask several printing companies about their turnaround time for their large-format print jobs. Some businesses, such as Avanti Printing, possess the highest-quality, large-format printers that are able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time of other large format printers. Quality Once again, not all large format printers are created the same, so it is best to check the quality of a printing service’s large format print jobs. Make sure the print job is of the highest quality so you can be sure your marketing efforts are also of the highest quality. Avanti Printing of Irvine, CA, is the leader in large-format printing, thanks the acquisition of the Epson GS6000, the largest printer in its class. The Epson GS6000 uses solvent-based ink technology, which delivers high-impact results for any large-format printing job.