avanti printing
14, 2009
big eyes Your overall marketing theme brands your business tremendously.  A somber and sincere marketing theme can convey professionalism and rationalism. A silly and lighthearted marketing theme can convey warmth and humor. Occasionally, you may feel the need to switch to a new marketing theme. Perhaps your business’ overall tone has shifted, or maybe you just don’t feel that your advertising angle is working anymore. Either way, switching to a new marketing theme can be a challenge. Here are some tips and techniques on how to make the transition a little bit simpler:
  • Review and Plan – A solid strategy meeting or session is the first step to successfully transitioning to a new marketing theme. First, you must review what elements of your old strategy were not working. Then, you must have a clear and focused outline of what your new strategy will be. It is crucial that you have clearly identified your rationale for changing marketing themes. Otherwise, it is the equivalent of throwing darts blindfolded.
  • Look at Other Businesses – We are not saying that you should steal another business’ successful marketing theme. However, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It is important that you can look at other successful marketing themes and then devise a way to customize them and make them your own. Always be original and never steal ideas, but don’t shy away from modeling your themes and strategies after those of successful companies that you admire.
  • Ease Into the Transition – Gradually shift into your marketing theme; don’t do it instantaneously. If consumers have grown accustomed to looking at your company in a certain light, then it will be too sudden for them to suddenly see a completely different marketing scheme. Create transition ads that could fit into a serious or silly scheme, and then slowly shift into your new theme.
No matter what you do, just be sure to create a theme that you truly feel fits your company. And remember: It is never to late to makeover your company’s image.