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12, 2011
Even with the advent of online shopping, beautiful catalogs are still coveted by any business selling products, goods or services. After all, a beautiful catalog printing can display your wares in an attractive light and provide your customers with a wealth of information. Here are just a few reasons why catalogs still reign supreme in the world of sales:
  • A catalog, regardless of your business, is the most effective way of providing your customers with precise details regarding your goods or services. Best of all, the quality photographs entice them into buying your goods or services. A catalog allows you to print details about your goods or services; details you may otherwise have difficulty getting across to your customers.
  • Catalogs are easily distributed to your customers or clients.  Regardless of whether you are selling to retailers, distributors or customers, catalogs are the easiest way to get your information and services into the right hands. Plus, catalogs are a great way to gain valuable exposure.
  • Catalogs convey your company sales information better than any other type of medium. Radio and television ads are splashed in front of consumers’ eyes for seconds, and Web quality pales in comparison to the overall quality of a catalog. A catalog can stay in front of a consumer for as long as needed, thereby allowing them to make better, more thoughtful decisions.
  • Catalogs, when compared to other forms of marketing or advertising, are incredibly cost effective. In other words, think of the number of catalogs you could print and distribute for the cost of one television commercial! In addition, businesses with small advertising and marketing budgets will often turn to catalogs because they give them the most bang for their buck.
  • Catalogs are an investment for your business. Unlike other forms of marketing or advertising, quality, printed catalogs can produce income for your business for an extended period of time. Consider that, simply by producing one catalog design per year, you can reap the benefits for an entire calendar year. Not many other forms of marketing or advertising have the longevity that catalogs have.
avanti printing
30, 2010
  Catalog printing can be an essential part of doing business, particularly if your small business has multiple products.  However, failure to take the right amount of time and use the right design elements during catalog printing can cause you to lose business.  Here are some things that you should know before you head to the presses. Always go full color While black and white printing is significantly cheaper in some cases, for catalog printing, you should always go with a four-color layout.  Remember that you are trying to capture the audience’s interest, and black and white photos are boring. Make sure that your layouts and images are saved in the appropriate format so that your catalog printing turns out how you had pictured. Write great copy Images are only part of catalog printing, as you also have to include your product descriptions.  Descriptions should be well-written and snappy.  If you have never done catalog printing before, you should consider hiring a professional copywriter to assist you. Always work with professionals It can be tempting to try and save money by doing your catalog printing out of your own office, but unless you are a printing company, the results are going to be far inferior compared to what you can receive from a professional printing company. If you are looking for ways to cut costs, talk to your printer about cost effective paper, ink, and binding methods that will save you money.  If you visit your printer in person, you will be able to see and touch samples of catalog printing to decide which is best for you. Use an interesting design Catalog printing is about more than simply creating a list of products that are available.  Catalogs need to whet the interest of the customer and inspire them to open their wallets.  Take a look at catalogs from other companies to see what they do to make their products interesting and fun. Make your logo visible An important part of catalog printing is branding your company, so like any other printed product, your catalog should always include your company’s logo in a visible way. Get creative with the covers Some companies will make the mistake of thinking that every catalog printing they do should have a very similar cover to help with branding.  However, this can backfire; if the customers think that they have already received a copy of the catalog, they will be less likely to read the new one.  While you should always make sure that certain elements, like your logo, remain the same, the cover art should vary significantly so that the new catalog printing is easily recognized as being new. Keep the background simple Lastly, make sure that your products stand out on the page.  Do not go with overly designed backdrops for your images or busy prints for the background of your text.  Keep the overall layouts of your catalog printing clean and simple so that your products are well-highlighted to the reader. By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your next catalog printing will be an absolute success with your readers.