avanti printing
4, 2011
Do you want to concentrate your marketing efforts on the local market? Then consider the power of flyers! Flyers are a great example of strategic advertising, and they help many businesses achieve success with their local marketing efforts. Perhaps best of all, flyers are an economical and cost-effective way to promote your business and your business’ goods or services. Many businesses use flyers printing in an effort to raise awareness about their company, as well as their goods or services. Depending on their use, flyers can be quickly and easily printed by professional printers. From door-to-door distribution to distribution at trade events and public shows, flyers are a great way to spread the word about your business and the goods and/or services you provide. Here are some factors to consider when designing flyers for your business:
  • Your flyers should have key information and striking features. In other words, your flyers must be able to catch your target audiences’ attention in a short period of time. If there are other businesses also distributing flyers, your flyer must stand out from the crowd.
  • Your flyers should have concise and accurate information. If you don’t pay attention to the small details (i.e., making sure the wording is clear and concise), you will very quickly lose your customers’ attention.
  • It is vital for your business to make a lasting impression by using quality flyer materials. If you use better quality stock and use the services of a professional printer to produce a quality product, you will likely gain the trust of your potential customers.  Consider the last time you received a glossy flyer on a solid cardstock versus a simple copied flyer on printing paper.
  • Make sure your flyers accurately reflect your company’s other marketing materials.  It is important to stay consistent in an effort to establish brand and business identity awareness with your customers.
  • Flyers help businesses grow through exposure. Simply put, if you need to get the word out about your business and the goods and services you provide for your community, there is nothing more cost-effective and simple to produce than flyers.
  • Flyers often do more than announce a business and the goods and/or services they offer. They may spur business by providing customers with coupons, specials and other types of discounts.
avanti printing
18, 2009
Within you marketing material arsenal, you probably have produced flyers either for general business promotion or to promote a specific event.  Flyer printing can be easy, fun, and cheap.  However, in order to get the most out of your flyer printing strategy, you need a flyer design that catches the eye and makes an impact. Flyer printing is usually on letter size paper, making them very easy to design and print.  They can be passed out to customers, sent via mail, and even posted in windows and on various other visible locations.  With such ease of use, it’s no wonder that flyers are one of the most effective printed marketing documents your business can use.  Here are three great ideas for your flyer printing design. 1. Use a Bold Headline A flyer is nothing but a pretty piece of paper if it doesn’t explicitly spell out its message.  Use a big, readable font for your flyer headline.  You flyer printing design should use good contrast so that your headline stands out against a background.  For instance, if you have a darker background, use a lighter hue as the headline.  A darker hue should be used or a white or lighter background. Is your flyer meant to be seen from a distance?  Or will it end up in the hands of a reader?  A headline should be very short and large print if seen from a distance.  Flyers from close range can use smaller but bold print. 2. Turn Heads Flyer printing is generally symmetrical.  Whether a flyer is printed in landscape or portrait, images and words are usually centered for easy reading.  Try a vertical side headline.  Or include an image that makes a looker have to stop and turn her head to see.  Simply changing the direction of a print or image can help your flyer printing be more effective at catching the eye. 3. Leave Space Flyers with too much information can be confusing to the eye and turn a potential customer away.  Flyer printing design should include the element of “white space,” or space between lines of text and images, that allow a reader to easily focus on the important message. Flyer printing can give your business a promotional edge in getting new customers and bringing back old ones.  Give your flyers that eye-catching edge to make the most impact.