avanti printing
2, 2012
Although many businesses don’t put a lot of time and effort into their business card design, it is important to consider that a business card can tell your customers a lot about your brand and your business. In other words, don’t just assume that your business card is simply a place for a telephone number and address. Get creative with your business card and give your customers something great to remember you by!
  1. Your Company Name and Logo – If you’ve spent time and money creating a beautiful logo for your brand or company, then by all means showcase it on your business card! This is where full-color business card printing becomes very useful. If you have a great brand, don’t let it go to waste by printing business cards that aren’t in color. Use full-color business card printing to highlight your brand, your logo, and your company name.
  2. Website and Email – One of the most important pieces of contact information on your business card will be your website and your email address. It always pays to wait until you have both of these up and running before you have your business cards printed. If you choose full-color business card printing, you can be sure that both the website and the email address will stand out on the card. Although most businesses are now on social media, it may be best to leave this information off the business card and instead let them know where they can find you on social media when they visit your website.
  3. Phone and Fax Numbers – Although your primary form of contact with your customers may not be through phone or fax, it is still important to include these forms of communication with your customers so they have options when contacting you. Before full-color business card printing takes place, make sure these numbers – and everything else on the business card – are correct!
  4. Business and Mailing Address – Although, once again, you may not generally communicate with your customers via postal mail, it is still important to provide this information on your business card. If your business is run out of your home and you don’t want to include that information, you may want to consider getting a post office box for your business address.
  5. A Catchy Idea – To really make your business card stand out from the card, consider adding a catchy element to it.  Photographers may include some of their most memorable shots, while a baker may choose a delicious pink as a background color.  Since you have the fabulous benefits of full-color printing, only your creativity is the limit!