avanti printing
4, 2009
istock_magnets-150x140 How do you get your business information into the hands of your customers or future customers?  Do you use the typical business cards and brochures? To make a lasting impression, why not send out or give away magnets with your business info?  Magnets allow customers an ability to store your information permanently. You can choose magnet printing in pre-cut shapes or possibly custom shapes.  Here are 3 great tips to help your magnet printing job a success for your business: 1. Use Full Color – Magnets are meant to be displayed.  Make sure yours gets attention wherever it is placed.  For your magnet printing order, take advantage of full color.  Even if you use just one or two colors other than black, this gives your magnet a great eye-catching start.  Perhaps you want to promote an upcoming festival or promote a specific line of your business.  Use a full color graphic printed on a magnet to make it memorable and a work of art on a refrigerator. 2. Choose the Right Materials – Where do you suspect your magnet printing job will end up?  On a refrigerator?  On a file cabinet?  In a vehicle?  Before you place a magnet printing order, consider whether your magnet will be used for display only, or if it might hold notes or other paper to a metal surface. A .019″ magnet is a standard size and is fine for general flat surfaces.  However, it doesn’t always stick to all metal surfaces, especially if they are curved.  A .034″ thick magnet will hold papers underneath and stick to more metal surfaces.  If you expect your magnet to go on a refrigerator, use a thicker size magnet printing. 3. Consider the Shape – Most magnet printing jobs can be completed on a standard shape of a square, rectangle, or circle.  There are even custom shapes available that may work for your business, such as a telephone, house, or automobile.  Consider whether the extra cost of a custom shape magnet printing job is worth the expense.  If a magnet printing job simply shows your business contact information, then a business card shape will certainly suffice. Magnets are a great way to promote your business.  Make sure you make all the considerations necessary for the best possible use of your magnet printing order.