avanti printing
26, 2010
istock_000003778898small Businesses like yours need printing jobs performed on a regular basis. And most likely you live in a location with access to a host of local printers. But why should you choose a local printer over online printers? Here are two good reasons for choosing local Southern California printing services. The Economy When you buy printing products from a local vendor, you directly help your local economy. The global economic crisis which began in 2007 has affected many small businesses throughout the country. Most likely, your local print shops are locally owned and operated, and they are not immune to the adverse effects of a down economic climate. It helps your business when your local economy thrives. So why not take the initiative and keep local monies right in your community? Your local Orange County printing companies are set up to easily perform frequent print jobs, and you may be surprised at how little money you actually save by ordering a frequent print job online. Business cards are a good example. The cost difference for a box of business cards between an online printer and your local printer is usually offset by the shipping costs. Why not keep that money local, and even save money, by choosing a local Southern California printing company? The Environment Employing your local printer means reducing carbon emissions that result from shipping printed goods across the country.  Imagine how many millions of miles and tons of pollution could be eliminated if printing projects were not shipped from New York to California! In addition, f you look around your local community, you will likely find a printer who employs good and responsible environmental practices. What does an “environmental” printing company do? Here are some examples: Recycled paper – Paper is a natural resource that is limited.  The good environmental practice is to recycle used and discarded paper so it can be re-used again. A responsible local Orange County printing company will have a large stock of recycled and post-consumer paper to choose from for your printing needs. Natural products – Besides recycled paper, other environment-saving materials include vegetable-based inks, sugar cane paper, non-toxic toners, chlorine-free paper, and other natural materials. Reduced carbon footprint – Many Southern California printing companies are engaging in methods that reduce their “carbon footprint.” One way is to use energy-saving devices, and even utilize electricity generated from solar, wind, or water sources. There are many advantages to using a local Orange County printing company, but helping the economy and the environment are two major benefits. Take these into consideration when you choose your next printing job.