avanti printing
27, 2011
Promotional products are a particularly effective way to increase the visibility of your business at events and right at home. These items serve as a constant reminder of your company to the person who uses them. To make the most of your promotional products, check out these tips for success.   Choose Your Item Wisely There are plenty of great promotional items to choose from today, including pens, mugs, magnets, tote bags, hats and key chains. Choose items your customers will use regularly, so your business name is always fresh in your mind. Think about the items your particular customers might use the most, rather than the promotional products you like best.   Maintain High Quality It won’t speak very well of your business, if your promotional mug cracks the first time it’s washed or your company pen doesn’t write. When you order promotional products, make sure they are the highest quality items you can afford. These items are designed to promote your business; so they should work well and look attractive.   Link Your Item to Special Events One effective way to push promotional products is to link them with a special event. For example, if your company is participating in a walk for Earth Day, choose a promotional item that corresponds with the event, such as water bottles. This allows for bigger distribution and greater appreciation for the items.   Keep Message Simple Like any printed advertising materials, promotional items should keep their message short and sweet. A good guideline is to use seven words or less to describe your business, so the item doesn’t become overwhelmed with text. Be sure to include some basic contact information as well, in case your customer needs to get in touch with you.   Promotional products are an excellent tool for promoting your business. There are so many great promotional products available today; it is easy to customize your promotional item to your specific business and the needs of your customers. Useful items like mugs and pens may get plenty of daily use, so your company name is always at the forefront of your customer’s mind.