avanti printing
25, 2009
sb-jigsaw Your brand is your business identity.  Do you communicate your business brand with your letterhead and envelopes?  Business stationery printing is an important process in keeping your brand on a proverbial pedestal. Your brand is not just a business name or logo.  It is the reputation associated with your business and should be reflected in the name, logo, or slogan.  That is why business stationery is important part of your branding strategy and should contain the names and logos that are associated with your brand.  Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering branding as part of your business stationery printing: Is my business logo too big or small? Business logos are one of the main identifiers of a business.  Think of the Golden Arches of McDonalds or a BMW circular logo.  These logos absorb much of the identity of these successful businesses.  Your letterhead and envelopes should always have your logo printed clearly at the top or the side and not look to small or too large on the page. Do I use effective colors on letterhead? Business stationery printing should be somewhat conservative and not look too busy to a reader.  Letterhead and envelope paper should be white or off-white, and any colors you use with your business name, logo, or slogan should offer good contrast to the page.  For instance, if your logo is yellow, it may not appear well on top of white paper.  Perhaps putting the yellow logo against a contrasting square of color, such as black or gray, might help your logo pop out better on the page. Do I have a useful slogan? Business letterhead and envelopes are a great place to put a slogan.  A slogan should be under or away from your business name and logo, and be short and succinct.  A clever slogan on letterhead can promote your business branding well. Does my business name and logo set me apart? Effective business branding requires that your business be set apart from your competition.  Be sure your name and logo does this and is clearly and proudly presented on your business letterhead and envelopes. Effective business stationery printing can last for years if designed and presented properly.  Consider your business brand on your letterhead and envelopes and make them work for you.