avanti printing
10, 2009


It doesn’t take a genius to put together a set of marketing materials. However, it does take a genius to create a campaign that is so memorable and breathtaking that it not only interests customers, but captivates them.

Anyone can start a business, but it takes a great mind to truly become a brand. Companies like Apple and Coca-Cola didn’t simply dream up their billion dollar marketing strategies passively; rather, they truly analyzed the best and simplest way to convey their company’s overall message.

A successful marketing strategy is a tricky thing to dream up. However, if you’re savvy enough to attempt it, it can be the best asset you will ever provide your company. Here are some tips on how to make your promotional materials really stand out from the rest.

  • So What? In any text that you create, there is always one big question surrounding it: so what? It is important to always keep this question in mind when putting together your promotional materials. You can make a thousand big, vast statements about why your company is superior to all others. But ultimately, the biggest question is why? Why is your business the best? What does it really provide? Anyone can think up a few cheesy ad slogans. It takes a special mind to come up with dialogue that not only promotes your company, but really captures the essence of why it is a great institution. Answer the “so what” question in your marketing materials, and you capture your customers’ attention.

  • Flash is Great, But… Great logos, emblems, and designs are great. This is an absolute truth – advertising materials are worthless if they aren’t eye catching. However, be sure not to fall into the trap of compensating for a lack of rich and informative copy with flashy graphics. Make sure that there is worthwhile dialogue to back up your graphics.

  • Capture Your Own Enthusiasm – Speak from the heart when it comes to crafting your marketing materials. You entered into your business for a reason, and use this passion to write your copy. Try jotting down some things that you love about the product you sell, and some reasons why you sell it. Afterwards, review the ideas you listed. You may see some great ideas to put in your marketing materials. You have the greatest passion of all for your product; try and capture your own enthusiasm and it will translate to the customer.

Above all else, have fun and be creative! Regardless of the industry, customers appreciate witty, honest, and fun messages.