avanti printing
23, 2011
There are many types of in-house printed materials that you currently use for your business, from corporate letterhead to business cards for all of your employees. The right printed material conveys professionalism and stability to customers and potential customers – when it is done right. Why stability? When a company uses their own printed materials, it suggests that the business has been around long enough to develop their own line of supplies. However, to ensure your in-house stationary exudes the right image, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Spelling Errors in spelling and grammar leave a poor first impression on potential clients. Spell-check all of your printed materials multiple times to ensure there are no mistakes. Have someone else proofread the item prior to printing as well, since a second pair of eyes is more likely to detect subtle discrepancies. Photographs Photos are an essential element in professional printed material, but only when the pictures are of the highest quality. Crisp, clear photos that include a caption are your best bet. Limit photos to those that really add to your message – too many photos distract and clutter the material. Contact Information It seems obvious, but many companies inadvertently leave this important piece of information off their printed material. A company name, address and phone number are just as important as your Internet information if you want to show stability and build consumer confidence. Color Color printing costs more, but is worth the additional expense with the professional image it conveys. If your budget is really tight, opt for printing in just two colors. Keep in mind that quality is even more important than color, so don’t compromise in this area just to make your brochures and letterhead more colorful. White Space Too much text gives a cluttered appearance, while additional white space is pleasing to the eye. Limit text by only adding the most essential information and use white space wisely to ensure people will actually read the information you send out. Printed material done right lets your customers know you are a business that is in for the long haul. Simple in-house stationary, business cards and brochures enhance your business image and increase consumer confidence in your company.