avanti printing
8, 2009
branding In order to build a relationship with your potential customers, you need to start creating a brand identity.  The stronger your brand identity is, the more people will relate, which means they’ll continue to use your products and services even if you are more expensive than the competition. There are numerous ways to build your brand.  Here is a look at some of the inexpensive options you have that can make your business better. Get affiliates If your business is online, having affiliates allows someone else to do the advertising work for you.  Affiliates help to generate traffic, and they get a small percentage of the sales they generate.  Plus, since affiliates can market in a wide variety of places, people will start to notice and recognize your brand. Create a blog You can easily set up a blog for little to no cost and write your own articles about your business.  For a small fee, you can also hire a professional writer.  Blogs allow customers to see another side of you and get them excited about what you sell. Stickers You can’t say enough good things about stickers.  Stickers are inexpensive to print, colorful, and get a message across. Plus they can be stuck to nearly anything and anyone.  Stick them on anything you mail out, hand them out to customers who shop your store, or give the stickers away on the street to generate interest in your product. Promotional gifts Anything that you can print up and give away to customers, prospects, and suppliers can be a great way to build your brand.  Whether you are printing up baseball caps or note cards, post-it notes or T-shirts – the more places you can slap on your logo, the better. Newsletters Newsletters are a smart way to keep in touch with customers and potential prospects.  It can include articles, upcoming events, or even special coupons.  You can choose to print and mail a newsletter or do it all virtually via email. Holiday gifts Everyone loves gifts.  Make sure you remember your clients throughout the year with little gifts.  Smaller holidays could be observed with a box of chocolates featuring your logo sticker placed prominently on the front.  For a larger holiday, consider giving out gifts that will last longer – such as a promotional calendar for the client to hang in their office. Thank you notes Remember back to when you sent great-grandma a thank you card for the $5 she mailed you for your birthday?  She surely appreciated hearing from you, and your clients will feel the same.  Take the time to send a postcard or a note to every customer that makes a purchase.  This will help them feel appreciated and will help you to generate repeat business. Logos everywhere! Everything related to your company should match.  A printing company can assist you with establishing logo congruency. Your business cards should match your stationery, which should match your brochures, which should match your website, which should match your T-shirts – and the list goes on.  It may seem repetitive, but this is how your logo and your product become engraved in the minds of your customers.