avanti printing
25, 2011
Wall graphics are an interesting and eye-catching way to accomplish your marketing and advertising efforts. They can showcase your event, your product or your service, or simply work alongside your latest promotional strategy to round out your marketing efforts and create the biggest impact. Wall graphics can be found in a front window, in a public place or simply on the wall of your business and can be everything from a small logo to a large wall mural. Wall graphics can consist of your company name, your company logo, or your latest promotional event. They are printed using the latest, solvent-based ink technology, thereby offering the best in quality and color brilliance. The eco-friendly inks used by Avanti Printing are safe for our employees and safe for the environment. Why Use Wall Graphics?
  • A blank wall in your business is an opportunity to showcase your business or promotional efforts and create a strong impact with your customers.
  • Using wall graphics to showcase your company name and logo creates a lasting image in your customers’ minds, thereby leaving a lasting image and driving home your company’s logo or message.
  • Wall graphics are a bold way to advertise or market your company and, when compared to other types of marketing and advertising strategies, is extremely cost effective.
  • Wall graphics can proudly display your company image or a photograph or visual image and are the ideal way to create a positive image for your company.
  • Wall graphics can be easily removed from a wall without fear of damaging the wall, thereby making them the ideal choice if you are leasing your office or retail space.
  • Wall graphics can be printed in a number of sizes to customize your wall and create the biggest impact.
  • Wall graphics can provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your company, and can complement your store or company’s already-existing marketing efforts.
  • Unlike posters and banners, wall graphics usually appear more professional and polished.
  • When placed on a high traffic wall, wall graphics can be an extremely effective form of advertising for your business.