avanti printing
6, 2009


In these shaky economic times, even Fortune 500 companies are rethinking their billboard advertisements. Instead of investing into expensive advertising campaigns, businesses can take advantage of free marketing ideas. All you need are a stack of flyers or business cards – and the following ideas!

Don’t believe us? Here are five ways to promote your business without having to pay a penny!

  • Voicemail Messages: No one likes a telemarketer calling during dinner. However, people do like when a company with whom they have done business in the past calls to ensure the customer is happy. Leaving voicemail messages for past customers is a great way to retain repeat customers. Here is a tip that may seem counterintuitive, but really works: call during the day when people are at work, not after five PM when they are trying to relax. Let them listen to your message on their terms.
  • Children’s Events: Consider sending one of your employees to the next children’s festival or fair, dressed up in a fun costume that has your company’s logo printed on it. Parents are happy when their kids are happy, and thus they will associate your business with a sense of contentment. You can give away lollipops with your business card attached. Parents will keep the business card, while children enjoy the treat.
  • Word of Mouth: It may sound too simple, but promoting your business whenever you meet a new person is a great way to generate viral advertising. You will be surprised at the effectiveness of a pleasant conversation. Make sure you always have business cards on hand to give to a new acquaintance. You can also initiate word of mouth advertising through your customers; each time they refer a new client to you, your business can reward the existing customer with a discount or a gift.
  • Open Houses: Invite your customers to bring friends to your place of business for a free seminar and maybe a few refreshments. A free open house can be quite useful in attracting both new and old customers to your company. Keep plenty of literature, brochures, and business cards handy. Display these prominently throughout your open house to encourage visitors to take home the materials with them.
  • E-Mail Signatures: Never send an e-mail that doesn’t have your company’s name posted within the signature. Every message you send is an opportunity to spread the word about your fantastic business, so use this to your advantage.

As you can see, you don’t have to break the bank to spread the word about your company. Using even one of these great tips will have a definite positive effect.