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14, 2012
Many businesses struggle with whether to cut expenses and keep their Irvine printing services black and white, or bite the bullet and shell out more money for color printing services. In times of economic uncertainty, it may seem like going the black-and-white route is an obvious solution to a tight budget. However, this move may actually backfire on you and result in less business for your company. And here’s why: Color Printing Spells Quality Simply put: a color brochure against a black-and-white brochure will always win in terms of quality. Even if the services your company provides are superior to your competitor, chances customers will view your competitor’s company as offering better or higher quality services or goods. Your company’s marketing efforts are clearly indicative of what people think about your company. If impression is important (and it is!), consider the value of color printing services. Color Printing Catches the Eye If you want to get the attention of your customers or the attendees at your next trade show, you must consider full color Irvine printing. Color printing is, simply put, eye-catching, thereby allowing you to draw in the attention of customers and clients and, hopefully, get a new customer or a repeat customer. Color Printing Provides Brand/Logo Recognition If you’ve worked hard to establish yourself as a local business, you likely want all of your marketing materials to reflect your company name and logo. And, because your logo and company name likely aren’t black and white, you need the power of color to really bring home brand and logo recognition with your customers and potential customers. Color Printing Doesn’t Always Equate to Big Expenses Sure, there are a number of full color Irvine printing services that will cost you a small fortune, but what many small businesses don’t understand is that there are just as many that are quite reasonably priced and cost effective! The key to finding great color printing services that are within your budget is by simply talking with your trusted printer and learning what services are available. You may be pleasantly surprised that color Irvine printing services are within your budget after all!

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